About Us

About Us

We aim to create a healthy, happy and positive home environment. Whilst also promoting a comfortable lifestyle free from irritants, calm your allergies and give you peace of mind in this crazy world we live in. 

The Healthy House has a strong passion for helping people, that is why we welcome your phone calls and we are happy to help with any questions or queries you may have. Our team members are full of knowledge and are always available for a chat

We encourage people to use untreated and natural materials whenever possible and to be aware of the hundreds of chemicals that are now used in everyday products from cleaning products and toiletries to home furnishings. 

We provide products for asthma, eczema, hay fever, chemical sensitivity, dust mite, pet and mould allergies, electrical sensitivity and Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.). Products to combat electro-stress and to relieve some of the symptoms of electro-sensitivity, are becoming increasingly popular due to the high amount of people working from home, or similarly, relying heavily on their computers and phones to function in their day to day life. 

Another big aspect of our company is water treatments. It is important that water coming into your home and the water you consume is free from any nasties like chlorine, fluoride, iron, and many more. 

As skincare is becoming a huge interest, we want to ensure we have the best and most natural products for you. Whether you have a skin allergy or sensitive skin, or just want a product you know is made from good ingredients. 

The Healthy House Ltd is a registered company.
Company Registration number: 4860381
VAT number: 821311382

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