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Spend £50, save 5% with healthy5, Spend £100, save 10% with healthy10

3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Whole House Water Filter

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3 Main Benefits of a Whole House Water Filter System:

* Chlorine is a poisonous gas that is an irritant to lungs and the respiratory system and that dries both skin and hair. By removing the chlorine from all the water coming into your home, you benefit from less irritated lungs, smoother skin and silkier hair. You also benefit from no chlorine smell coming from the water when you turn the taps on.
You remove suspended solids such as rust in your water. The water coming out of your tap looks clean enough but when you see what a filter can remove, it’s quite revealing. A new whole house water filter starts off white. When it is ready to be replaced it is usually a mid to dark brown, showing how much has been captured through the filter that would have been sitting in your water.
Many other contaminants present in water can be absorbed through your skin and lungs. A whole house water filter will remove many of these contaminants.

There are some things we can’t change when it comes to living conditions, but having clean, healthy water is a worthwhile option for anyone concerned about long term health.

Independent Testing
We only offer filters that have been tested and accredited by independent testing bodies. This gives you the assurance that the filter will do what it says it will do.

What are the benefits of the various filter options?

The information below refers to the WH3 and the WH6, which both offer a choice of filters. The WH1 and the WH2 both take the Carbon Block Filters.

The Whole House Water Filter System with Choice of Filters takes 2 filters.

The second filter is always an activated carbon filter. This filter removes the chlorine that is very drying to your skin and gives off the characteristic chlorine smell. It also removes organic compounds such as pesticides, herbicides and oestrogens.

There are three options for the first filter depending on your needs:

1. A pre-filter to remove rust and other particles to help the second filter to last longer.

2. A heavy metal filter to remove lead, mercury and other heavy metals. These heavy metals could be present in the water supply or be the result of lead pipes bringing the water into your home.

2. A fluoride filter to reduce both natural fluoride and fluoride which may be added to your water supply by your water company.

Learn more about what each filter can do for you.

Over time we have simplified the presentation of our whole house water filter units so that the information and choices are all present within one product record. This makes it simpler for you to access the information you need and make an informed choice. However, should you be confused about any of it or just need clarification on any part of it, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our most popular whole house water filter units contain two pods (also known as housings). The pods are where the filters go. We now offer a choice of 3 different filters for the first pod and 1 filter for the second pod.

The options for the first pod are:

1. Pre-Filter The pleated pre-filter will remove particles and sediment down to 5 microns. This will remove sand, rust, dirt and general particles that collect in the water pipes that bring water to your home. This filter will prolong the life of the carbon filter in the second pod. This is the filter you would choose if you do not require either heavy metal or fluoride removal. This is both less expensive than the two following filters and also more effective as a pre-filter.

2. Heavy Metal Filter  The heavy metal filter will remove lead, mercury and other heavy metals. The filter is made of KDF which is high grade zinc and copper and is NSF approved. This filter will also act as a pre-filter removing particles and sediment. Check to see if you have lead pipes supplying your property. Also check with your water supplier to see if the heavy metals are high in the water in your area. If your area does have a problem with heavy metals in the water, then this filter will remove them.

3. Fluoride Filter  The fluoride filter is designed to reduce to below 0.55ppm both natural fluoride and the fluoride that is added by some water companies. Check with your water supplier to see if fluoride is added to the water in your area. If you do need to reduce fluroide, then this filter will do the job as well as acting as a pre-filter to the carbon block.

The second pod has the Carbon Block filter.

The Carbon Block Filter removes chlorine and organic compounds. Chlorine in its natural state is a gas. It is not dissolved in water and is given off as a gas. Chlorine is used to kill organic organisms in your water and will dry your skin when you bathe or wash in it. When the chlorine evaporates the fumes can irritate your airways and lungs.

The carbon filter also removes organic compounds like pesticides, herbicides and oestrogens.

If you have any questions about the whole house water filter systems please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01453 752216.

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