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3 top tips for relieving eczema symptoms

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A two-pronged approach may be advisable in the fight against eczema. First, try to eliminate any environmental or dietary causes. Then, try topical treatments, skin protection and temperature control to stop the condition from worsening:

1.      Topical treatments

Bathing in dechlorinated water and nourishing skin with gentle bath oils and emulsifiers help to restore the protective function of healthy skin. We also offer a wide range of creams, hair care and skin care designed to be non-irritating for eczema sufferers.

2.      Temperature control

Overheating exacerbates itching, worsening the ‘vicious circle’. Using untreated, breathable cotton bedding (washed at 60° to remove dust mites) or dermatherapy bedding may help. Sleeping in a well-ventilated room and avoiding too-hot baths can also be beneficial.

3.      Protecting the skin

Bandaging, cotton and silk clothing is designed to prevent scratching and be gentle against irritated skin. Clothing dyes often contain chemicals that can aggravate delicate skin, so organic unbleached and undyed clothing is recommended. Gloves may help protect hands from external irritants.

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