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Spend £50, save 5% with healthy5, Spend £100, save 10% with healthy10

5 pollution-busting air purifiers to help you stay healthy

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A recent study estimated that across the globe, over 3 million people are killed prematurely by outdoor pollution each year. According to The Guardian, the total number of deaths is more than that of malaria and HIV combined. 

The problem’s not getting any better, with estimates that the number of deaths will double by 2050. 

So why is our air so polluted?  Wood and coal burning, agricultural emissions, traffic and fossil fuel power stations are among the many causes. Interestingly, Professor Leliveld who led the research stated that “agriculture is the main source” of pollution in London. This is the result of a chemical reaction between agricultural ammonia emissions and traffic and industrial fumes. The resultant tiny particles are estimated to be the cause of 48% of these premature deaths from pollution here in the UK. 

The report comes as a Sunday Times investigation has revealed that up to 3000 UK schools are situated in ‘pollution hotspots’. These are areas where emissions of over 25 tonnes of nitrogen dioxide per km2 have been emitted in a single year, according to Defra. Diesel fumes, trains and industrial emissions have been pinpointed as contributors to this problem.

Make your home or workplace a refuge

There are things that we can all do to reduce air pollution in general, such as conserving energy, carpooling or cycling to work, and using environmentally-friendly cleaning products and paint. 

You might think that simply going indoors will prevent you from breathing in pollution, but this isn’t the case. Outdoor pollutants can get trapped indoors, and if not enough clean air is brought in to dilute these pollutants, excess particles can build up. In fact, research has found that indoor air quality can be far worse than outdoor air quality!

Whether you live in a heavily polluted area or not, a good air purifier will always help to improve indoor air quality. By removing harmful irritants, you can help to safeguard your family’s health and give your respiratory system a much-needed rest.

{{widget type=”webdnaproductlist/list” title=”1. Blueair air purifiers” product_ids=”136, 172, 174″ grid_list=”grid”}}

Boasting the highest CADR (clean air delivery rate), the Blueair air purifiers are an excellent choice for top-spec home air purification. Whisper quiet with a sleek design, these stylish units really pack a punch when it comes to removing allergens, chemical contaminants, smoke and odours. Blueair units are available for larger living spaces – ideal if you have a big family home. 

The SmokeStop™ range is specifically designed for living spaces with heavy gaseous pollutants. The advanced filters remove smoke, VOCs and odours with a powerful activated carbon filter. 

View the Blueair air purifiers

{{widget type=”webdnaproductlist/list” title=”2. Roomaid HEPA air purifier with Multizorb” product_ids=”223″ grid_list=”grid”}}

This Roomaid air purifier combines powerful true HEPA filtration with a multizorb canister for noxious gases and heavy metal vapours. It removes 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns like dust, cigarette smoke, radon daughters, bacteria and viruses. It also eliminates ammonias, vapours such as mercury, arsenic and lead, and VOCs such as formaldehyde.

This air purifier is ideal for smaller rooms, if you live near a farm with ammonia emissions, or live near a busy road. It is also beneficial if you have multiple chemical sensitivity. 

View the Roomaid with Multizorb canister.

{{widget type=”webdnaproductlist/list” title=”3. Heaven Fresh NaturoPure HF380 air purifier” product_ids=”176″ grid_list=”grid”}}

The Heaven Fresh HF380 is an intelligent air purifier, combining seven technologies to delivery clean, fresh air free from pollutants.

This powerful air purifier quietly removes virtually all kinds of pollutants such as chemicals, gases, VOCs, dust, allergens, cigarette smoke, odours and micro-organisms. Advanced sensor technology monitors the air quality so you don’t have to.

Learn more about the Heaven Fresh HF380 air purifier.

{{widget type=”webdnaproductlist/list” title=”4. Meaco AirVax air purifier” product_ids=”189″ grid_list=”grid”}}

Ideal for advanced chemical removal, the Meaco AirVax contains a unique patented SEFF filter that is able to remove particles as tiny as 0.1 micron! That’s smaller than a standard HEPA filter.

Near-silent in operation, this clever air purifier efficiently takes away irritants such as fine dust particles, smells, moulds, carbon monoxide, smoke, car exhaust gases, benzene, pollens and bacteria. 

Learn more about the Meaco AirVax.

{{widget type=”webdnaproductlist/list” title=”5. Fellowes AeraMax DX series air purifiers” product_ids=”15021, 15022, 15023, 15024″ grid_list=”grid”}}

The Fellowes AeraMax Air Purifiers offer great value for money and effective air purification. The DX range is ideal for the family home and carries the Allergy UK Seal of Approval.

True HEPA filter removes 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns that can cause breathing issues, such as dust, smoke, pollen and animal dander. The activated carbon filter is ideal for removing odours and some household VOCs, such as xylenes and ethyl benzene. The PlasmaTrue ioniser gives these powerful filters a final boost. 

Click here to view the Fellowes air purifiers.

 {{widget type=”webdnaproductlist/list” title=”Stay safe outside with an anti-pollution mask” product_ids=”1876, 1890, 2324, 2332,” grid_list=”grid”}}

Air purifiers are a brilliant solution for indoors, but if you have allergies or chemical sensitivity, you might find being outdoors a struggle. A breathing mask is therefore ideal for protecting your airways from irritants. 

Our masks can protect you from the inhalation of pollen, airborne particles, chemicals, smoke, smog, pollution and viruses.

View our pollution masks to help you breathe easily outdoors. 

Disclaimer: Information included in this website is intended for information purposes only and is not to be used as a substitute for consultation with a medical practitioner. Images not necessarily to scale.


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