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6 Hay Fever Top Tips

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The most common symptoms of hay fever are:

Sneezing and streaming or blocked nose and itchiness of the nose, throat and mouth often accompanied by red, itchy streaming eyes

Coughing or wheezing and shortness of breath can also be experienced and for some people the pollen can bring on asthma symptoms

6 Hay fever TOP TIPS

For those who prefer not to use medication, avoidance is the best measure. Below are our hay fever top tips to help you reduce your symptoms.

1 – Avoidance! Restrict yourself where possible from going outside at times of high pollen. Pollen counts are highest in the early morning and late evening.
2 – Looking Good! Wearing shades or glasses help to restrict air flow and consequently pollen around the eyes.
3 – Freshen Up! Shower and change clothes when you come in from outside to remove pollen clinging to hair and garments
4 – Man’s Best Friends! Remember that pets can also bring pollen into the house so restrict them where possible from living areas.
5 – Reorganise! Relocate airborne pollinating plants within your home
6 – Smelling Great! Use perfumes sparingly as you can often find “fragrance overload” exacerbates symptoms

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