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Air Purifiers for MCS

Relieve MCS symptoms by reducing the triggers

If you have multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), the chances are you react to all sorts of smells and odours. Chemical smells, including synthetic perfumes, are often among the worst offenders.

People with MCS generally don’t only react to smells; chemicals in cleaning products, off-gassing furniture and standard household paints are other common sources of reactions.

It’s virtually impossible to eliminate all sources of chemicals at home, so air purifiers can be helpful for removing residual off-gassing chemicals and smells. Air purifiers which tackle gases, vapours and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) along with odours are generally a good choice for those with MCS.

More help with choosing the right air purifier for MCS

You will need to ensure that the air purifier you purchase removes the substances that you are sensitive to. A variety of different filtration types are available. Activated carbon filtration, for example, is often very helpful for absorbing odours, gases and chemicals.  

We’ve selected the air purifiers above for their abilities to remove the kinds of substances that people with MCS often react to. Not all of these contain an activated carbon filter (some have different filter types, such as a SEFF filter), but all tackle chemicals. Click on the individual products to find out more about what each one removes and the efficiency of its filtration. Make sure that you choose an appropriate air purifier for your room size so that all the air in your room is cleaned effectively.

Some people with MCS are sensitive to plastics. If this affects you, we recommend choosing an air purifier with a metal housing. The Roomaid and Blueair air cleaners are ideal if you react to off-gassing plastic – all of these units have a steel casing.

Because people with MCS have a range of unique triggers and symptoms, we cannot guarantee that these products will suit all customers. If there is a particular substance you want to remove from your indoor air, or if you need more information to help you decide, please get in touch and we’ll be pleased to help. You can reach our knowledgeable customer advisors on 01453 752216.

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