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Air Purifiers for Mould Allergy

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Do you want to trap or destroy mould?

Most air purifiers claim to deal with mould spores by trapping them in a filter. Although HEPA filters can be effective, we recommend going one step further. Units that work by incinerating or killing the mould are an ideal choice, as the mould is completely removed and there’s no risk of it growing on the filter.

Moulds are notorious for growing quickly, and a dehumidifier often isn’t enough to tackle airborne spores. Air sterilisers or air cleaners, like the units listed below, are a great way to remove remaining mould spores lingering in the air. They are particularly useful if you have a mould allergy and need to ensure that your indoor air is as pure as it can be.

These low-maintenance air sterilisers quietly remove allergenic mould spores from your air at home or work. Alongside a good dehumidifier and a thorough cleaning regime, these units keep mould allergy symptoms at bay.

Other filter air purifiers can also tackle mould by trapping the spores in their filters.

Click here for a full list of Air Purifiers for tackling mould spores including filtration technology.

How do the air sterilisers kill mould?

The air sterilisers operate in 2 different ways. The Airfree products use a thermodynamic system to kill the mould spores by using heat. The other method is using photo-catalytic oxidation which is using a UV light to activate titanium dioxide. Both the Radic8s and 3 of the Heaven Fresh air purifiers use this technology.


The Radic8 Hextio and Viruskiller Blue destroy a wide range of odours and pollutants. These include fumes and chemicals, smoke particles, odours, traffic fumes including nitrogen dioxide, pet, dust mite and mould allergens and pollens, bacteria and viruses. They are able to destroy pollutants that cannot be cauight by a HEPA filter. They have a reactor chamber which enhances the destruction of pollutants.


The Airfree air sterilisers use a patented thermodynamic system (also known as TSS) to suck in allergenic particles (including mould spores) and destroy them within a special ceramic core. The micro-organisms are killed by temperatures of around 200 degrees C. The clean, pure air is then cooled and released back into your home.

The Airfree air sterilisers are perfect if you want extremely low maintenance air purification. They do not require replacement filters, saving you money and hassle. Just switch it on and leave it to do its magic!

“As a Physician specialising in allergy and environmental medicine, I am very impressed with the Airfree Air Steriliser for the purpose of removing mould and their spores from the air we breathe… Overall I feel the Airfree has contributed greatly to the reduction in the mould count in parts of my house… I can wholeheartedly recommend this machine for anybody with a serious allergy to mould and other airborne allergens.” Dr Diana Samways, UK

When choosing an air steriliser or purifier for mould, it’s important to consider the size of the room you want to purify. Our recommended room sizes are based on 3 air changes per hour (manufacturer’s recommendations may vary).

These air purifiers have been selected by us because they can remove mould spores from the air, reducing your exposure to the allergens. Mould allergies and triggers are highly individual – therefore we cannot guarantee that these will be suitable for everyone with this condition.

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