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Dermatherapy Bedding for Eczema

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Low-friction, temperature regulating bedding for a more comfortable night’s sleep

A Class 1 Medical Device, these dermatological bed linens have been shown to help people suffering from a variety of conditions that cause overheating or discomfort at night.

If you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, or night sweats caused by menopause, Parkinson’s disease or chemotherapy, this dermatological bedding can help you get a more restful night’s sleep. It can also be beneficial for acne and pressure sores.

Dermatherapy bedding is specially designed to reduce friction, dampness and irritation, allowing for a cooler and more comfortable sleep for young and older alike. Featured in the Daily Mail and BBC Radio, this bed linen range has had glowing reviews across the globe.

Can DermaTherapy bed linens help you?

If you have night sweats and/or a sensitive skin condition, DermaTherapy bedding can offer a more comfortable, peaceful night’s sleep.

This specialist dermatological bedding range offers 5 great benefits:

–        Regulates temperature and wicks away moisture for a comfortable sleep

–        Antimicrobial to maintain freshness and deter bacteria and fungi

–        Soil release finish to help easily remove stains and residue from creams

–        Dust mite proof to keep allergens at bay

–        An incredibly smooth, low-friction surface to sleep on, for reduced trauma to irritated skin

What is it made of?

DermaTherapy is a silk-like fabric, made from around 50% nylon and 50% polyester. It is extremely lightweight, weighing around 60% less than standard fabrics. It has not been treated with harsh dyes, and includes an antimicrobial finish which helps to deter fungi and bacteria. While tiny fibres can protrude from standard poly/cotton fabrics and irritate skin, the DermaTherapy fibres do not extend beyond the fabric’s planar surface. This means less irritation and friction than standard poly/cotton fabrics. In fact, DermaTherapy sheets are 37% smoother than standard cotton.   

Which conditions can this dermatological bedding help with?

DermaTherapy bedding can be beneficial for a variety of conditions, including:


The non-abrasive fibres and moisture regulation properties of DermaTherapy make this ideal bedding for eczema. The material is also dust mite proof – woven so tightly that dust mites cannot penetrate the fabric. These linens can therefore be effective at reducing exposure to the dust mite allergen, which is associated with eczema. The antimicrobial treatment helps to minimise the risk of infections in eczematous skin.


A DermaTherapy pillowcase can help to reduce inflammation in acne. The silky smooth fabric reduces irritation to the painful lesions on the face, while the moisture regulation helps to reduce excessive sweating, which can exacerbate acne. The fabric’s antibacterial coating also helps to reduce build-up of bacteria that can worsen acne.

Night Sweats

The specialist properties of the DermaTherapy fabric makes this ideal bedding for night sweats. A great deal of people experience this problem, including menopausal ladies, patients undergoing cancer treatment and those with Parkinson’s disease. This moisture regulating bedding contains special micro-fibres to direct perspiration away from the skin, allowing for a dry and cool night. The antimicrobial treatment reduces odours on the fabrics, keeping your bedding fresh.

Pressure sores

If you are immobile in bed for long periods of time, pressure sores can develop. These tend to occur where moisture accumulates, increasing skin abrasion. DermaTherapy bedding tackles some of the key causes of this uncomfortable condition. The gentle fabric minimises friction between the bed linen and your skin, and also controls the microclimate for reduced sweating. A study found that patients using DermaTherapy bedding experienced 62% fewer pressure wounds compared to a control group. 

Performance athletes can also benefit from this specialist bedding. People with heightened metabolisms often find that perspiration can persist throughout the night. DermaTherapy micro-fibres direct heat and moisture away from the skin, helping you to enjoy a more restful night’s sleep.  

Please note: As eczema and dermatitis triggers and symptoms are often unique to the individual, we are unable to guarantee that this bed linen will suit all customers. 

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