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Electrical Sensitivity: What You Can Do

Allergy Information / Electrical Sensitivity / Electrical Sensitivity: What You Can Do
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What we know for certain is that the amount of radiation your body absorbs decreases the further away you get from the source. Therefore, most of the measures we suggest you can take to reduce the potential effects of radiation on your body involve reducing your exposure to the radiation itself.

We recommend the following steps:

  1. 1. Measure the fields
  2. 2. Avoid them whenever possible
  3. 3. Adopt safer ways of using your devices
  4. 4. Protect yourself from them with shielding products
  5. 5. Use harmonising products

1. Measuring the fields with a meter or monitor gives you the information you need to make changes in your living area. It may also bring up some surprises particularly if neighbours have a Wi- Fi router or DECT phone base station on the other side of a party wall, or the meter detects a mast that you were unaware of. Our meters can be rented by the week or purchased.

2. & 3. Follow our tips below, which will help you either to avoid the fields or to adopt slightly different ways of using your equipment.

4. We offer a variety of protective products, from shielding material, which can be made into bed canopies or curtains, to alternatives to Wi-Fi, (a dLAN device allows you to access the internet through the electrical wiring in your house), protective cases for carrying your mobile phone in, special low radiation head phones, which convert the electrical signal into airwaves.

5. Harmonising products are designed to harmonise the fields rather than reflect them away. These products are available for specific devices (mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, electrical appliances) to wearable bracelets and pendants. Other products are designed to transform geopathic and electromagnetic radiation in a particular space into a type of Schumann resonance frequency necessary and beneficial for human life.

Tips on reducing exposure to electrical pollution:

  • Move furniture, particularly the bed and seating arrangements, away from areas where high fields are detected. You may find high electrical fields coming from your bedside light. One solution to this is to turn the light off at the plug when you go to sleep.
  • Electric blankets give off a high electrical field. If you have to use one, always turn it off at the plug when you get in to bed.
  • Keep your mobile phone out of your bedroom at night. If you have to have it in your bedroom keep it away from your bed when you are in it – never keep it under your pillow. Using a mobile phone or tablet before bed not only exposes your body to radiation; the blue light given off can also suppress melatonin production, leading to a less refreshing sleep. Long-term, low melatonin has been linked to serious conditions such as cancer. ( http://www.academia.edu/5672136/The_Dangers_of_LED-Blue_light-)
  • When carrying your mobile phone on your body keep it at least the recommended distance from your body (as stated in the small print in the phone manual). Using a WaveWall or blocsock case can help shield the body from the phone’s fields.
  • Use your phone in speaker mode when possible or use Air Low Radiation earphones, which convert the electrical signal into harmless air waves.
  • When signal strength is weak, the phone has to work harder to transmit and receive, and therefore emits higher levels of radiation. Therefore, try to only use your mobile when you have full bars of signal.
  • Only allow children to use mobile phones when it is absolutely essential and make sure that any essential calls are kept short.
  • Don’t use your phone in an enclosed metal area, like a car, train carriage or aeroplane. These surroundings ‘trap’ and magnify radiation. They also impede signal, meaning that your phone needs to work harder (i.e. emits more radiation) to get reception.
  • When using a laptop, the fields emitted are much stronger when it is plugged in rather than working on the battery. Always place your laptop on a table top rather than on your lap.
  • Replace any DECT (digital cordless phone) with a corded phone as DECT phones give off very high fields, which are present 24/7.
  • If possible replace Wi-Fi with hard wired connection (such as dLAN). If not, turn the Wi-Fi off when not in use and always turn it off overnight.
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