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Respiratory Products for Asthma

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Alternative remedies for natural asthma relief

Alternative remedies can be helpful alongside your regular asthma treatment, particularly if your condition is mild. These therapies are by no means cures, but may help to relieve mild symptoms. Salt therapy has had great results for people with asthma or any respiratory congestion. It is ideal to use when you are stuffed up with a cold or bronchitis, or more frequently if you suffer from asthma. The Saltpipe is also popular with those suffering from smoker’s cough and other related conditions.

Don’t forget that airborne allergens, like dust mites and pollen, may also affect your asthma. The HayMax natural balm helps by trapping particles before they enter the nose – it is organic with no nasty chemicals.

Respiratory conditions can lead to congestion. The Sinus Plumber Nasal Spray is a natural, homeopathic alternative to traditional sinus treatments and has had great feedback.

These natural asthma remedies have been chosen based on customer feedback and experience.  However, because asthma symptoms and triggers can vary between individuals, we can’t guarantee that all products will be beneficial for every customer.

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