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Spend £50, save 5% with healthy5, Spend £100, save 10% with healthy10

Therapeutic Products for Hay Fever

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In addition to the benefits of using an air purifier and a mask for hay fever, there are other effective products that you can use within your home and on your body, which will enhance the overall effects. By going the extra mile, you can really help to create a safe haven for yourself at home and some of the products are equally useful to take with you to work.

Whilst an air purifier is an essential in the battle against pollen, it will not be able to eliminate them on your carpets, furniture and furnishings, or do anything about the pollens in your laundry. The AirCleanse will instantly denature pollens in the air, the HomeCleanse will denature pollens in carpets, furnishings and on furniture and the FabriCleanse denatures pollens and other allergens in your laundry.

HayMax Organic Hay Fever Allergy Barrier Balm is a natural solution to blocking pollen from entering your nasal passages. SinusPlumber is a popular product all year round, and has been found to relieve migraine headaches, cluster headaches, rhinitis, sinus congestion and sinus headaches. 

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