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Cool comfort of luxurious alpaca bedding

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“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury,” is the famous quote from the designer Coco Chanel.

There is no better way to describe the alpaca yarn which is quickly replacing cashmere when it comes to home comforts with natural anti-allergen properties.

This noble fibre used in our pure alpaca bedding range offers you the perfect night’s sleep, whatever the season, as the hollow fibres help to regulate your body temperature and there is no noisy crunch!

Why choose alpaca bedding?

Body responsive is the new buzzword in bedding and the alpaca range ticks all the boxes to keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer making it the ideal filling for duvets and pillows.

It also has naturally medullated, hollow fibres makes the bedding a hostile environment for house dust mites.

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Who would benefit?

This is ideal for anyone prone to eczema or respiratory symptoms related to house dust mite allergy. You can cover your alpaca duvet or pillow with a dust mite proof barrier case for optimum protection.

Both the pillows and the duvets, made from the finest cotton, have the added advantage of being covered with an organic cotton casing which has been GOTS-certified.

This lightweight bedding we offer is ideal for anyone suffering from night sweats due to the unique quality of the alpaca’s dry fleece.

The fleece is without the usual levels of lanolin, found in its wooly counterparts, is largely allergen-free and for the light sleepers among us provides a quiet night with none of the noisy crunch you can sometimes experience from feathers and down.

As the alpaca is native to the high cold desert of the Andes their wool evolved to keep them warm at night and cool during the day.

Although you may associate these animals with South America our filling is sourced from the fleece of alpacas in the UK and manufactured by a family firm in the Pennine Hills of Yorkshire and cutting our carbon footprint.

Small sample pouches of the organic cotton cover and the pure alpaca filling are available for those of you who prefer to test the constituents before purchasing either an Alpaca Pillow or an Alpaca Duvet. We offer these at our cost of £5.00 each, which will be deducted from a pillow or a duvet should you proceed to purchase.


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