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Alternatives to chemical-laden sunscreen

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What was the story? Well, health experts have warned today that research has shown that sunscreen alone isn’t enough to prevent skin cancer, advising us to take additional measures to protect our skin from harmful UV rays.

“This work highlights the importance of combining sunscreen with other strategies to protect our skin, including wearing hats and loose fitting clothing, and seeking shade when the sun is at its strongest” said Professor Richard Marais from the University of Manchester*.

Sunscreen still has a major role to play in protecting your skin from the cell damages that lead to conditions such as malignant melanoma, the fifth most common cancer in the UK. In short, never skip it, but remember that it doesn’t offer 100% protection.

The risk of malignant melanoma is frightening enough, but there’s also the smaller concern of premature aging (of which UV rays are thought to be a key cause).

But what do you do if you’ve got sensitive skin?

Many market-leading suncare brands contain a whole host of fragrances, preservatives and chemical absorbers that can irritate sensitive skins. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, it’s natural to want to avoid the cocktail of chemicals often found in popular products due to the unknown effects of long-term exposure.

Luckily there are alternatives. Brands such as Lavera and Green People offer gentle, organic products to help protect from harmful UV rays.

Our top picks:

LaveraSun Sensitive Family Sun Spray SPF15 is certified organic, with 100% natural ingredients. It’s easy to spray on, and can be used on the whole family. Ideal if you’re looking for a medium-level sun spray that’s water resistant.

Green People No Scent Children’s Sun Lotion SPF25 offers a slightly higher level of protection, is rich in antioxidants and contains NO parabens, lanolin, phthalates, artificial perfumes, petrochemicals or colourants.

*Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-27793354

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