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Are you part of ‘Generation Allergy’?

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Have you ever had to take time off work or miss out on major life events due to your allergies?

Many of us aren’t aware that it’s actually the air inside our homes and offices that can cause those characteristic symptoms of sneezing, coughing and general malaise. Often we blame these symptoms on catching a cold instead. 

Fellowes and Allergy UK have joined forces to conduct research into how allergies affect us in our day to day lives. They have created the infographic below to illustrate the (often underestimated) impact that allergies can have on our wellbeing.

An astonishing 46% of allergy sufferers have said they have missed out on major life events and only 19% have either had a skin prick test or blood test to determine their allergies.

So what encourages indoor allergens?

  • Mould spores are impossible to see in the air, but they can contribute to feeling unwell.
  • Plants and flowers indoors may look and smell nice, but they can also affect the air quality (particularly if you suffer from hay fever or mould allergy).
  • Pets, pet odours, hair and fur can all cause us to sneeze, itch and cough.
  • Even if we keep our house clean, dust can still settle and cause us to breathe in air that’s not good for us.


Having an air purifier ensures that most allergens are removed before we breathe them in. This helps to prevent classic allergy symptoms such as sneezing, sniffles and coughing, allowing us to get on with life feeling happy and healthy.

Generation Allergy Infographic

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Source: Fellowes

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