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Back to School Managing Eczema

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  • At the start of term, explain to your child’s teacher about the effects of eczema on their self esteem.
  • Inform the school of any known triggers, whether dietary or environmental (such as paint in an art class), so they can be avoided in the classroom where possible.
  • Due to the intense itchiness of the condition, children with eczema are sometimes unable to sit still and/or concentrate. The itching can continue late into the night, causing tiredness the following day. Therefore it’s best to inform your child’s teacher so they are aware of any impact this may have on their education.
  • If your child needs to apply skin cream regularly to avoid discomfort, try to make arrangements so they can leave the classroom without fuss when required.
  • Talk to your child so that they fully understand about their condition. If they understand that eczema is not contagious, why it occurs and how to manage the symptoms, they are better equipped to confidently answer questions from their peers and avoid bullying or teasing.
  • School trousers can sometimes be itchy for children with eczema. If this is affecting your child, DermaSilk leggings can be worn underneath trousers discreetly and help protect their legs from skin irritation during the winter months. 
  • Very young children often suffer with eczema on their hands. Wearing gloves can help them play in the sand or paint with the other children without making their hands sore. You can find a selection of gloves here.  
  • Chlorine is a known irritant for some eczema sufferers. Although chlorine water filters can provide welcome relief from this at home, swimming lessons make contact with chlorine unavoidable. If your child is sensitive to chlorine, they may find that swimming inflames their skin. Inform the teacher if this is the case, so they can ensure your child does not spend too much time in the water.

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