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Bed bugs can cause acute allergic reactions

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The principle home of the bed bug is in the bed and in sofas and other soft furnishings. The bugs feed every 5 to 10 days. If there is no food source available, they can go into a dormant state for up to a year! Females produce 5 eggs a day and over 500 eggs in a lifetime. Bed bugs are often encountered in hotel beds and other communal facilities and are carried in clothing to the home.

Apart from the skin reactions, bed bugs can be seen close up with the naked eye. Adults are white, light tan or burnt deep orange in colour. When they have fed, a red blob can be seen in the gut cavity. Eggs are a millimetre long and creamy whitish in colour. They take 5 weeks to mature so any treatment needs to continue at fortnightly intervals for at least 6 weeks.
Pets also react to bed bugs and this can cause skin irritation and lesions over time so the treatment of pet bedding is also recommended.
Bed bugs are denatured by essential oils especially Eucalyptus. If you have an infestation then wash all bedding and clothing with FabriCleanse, a concentrated mix of Eucalyptus and Peruvian balsam. The FabriCleanse is added to your normal detergent at the rate of 50 ml per wash.
Soft furnishings need to be sprayed with HomeCleanse every 2 weeks for a minimum of 6 weeks. The HomeCleanse based on similar essential oils will also get rid of dustmites and other allergens that can exacerbate the skin conditions.
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