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Spend £50, save 5% with healthy5, Spend £100, save 10% with healthy10

Breathe easy this January

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When the central heating is on full whack and the windows are rarely opened, poor ventilation can raise the risk of respiratory discomfort and symptom flare-ups.  Airborne mould spores, which can proliferate when the central heating first goes on in a damp house, or when plants or Christmas trees are brought into the warmth indoors, can also cause unpleasant respiratory, dermatalogical, intestinal and even cerebral symptoms.

So if you suffer from respiratory allergies, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (M.C.S) or simply want to breathe cleaner air at home, what can you do?

The first priority in the case of a mould issue is to tackle the mould itself by fixing any leaks and removing sources of humidity where possible.  After the source of the mould has been removed (you may need to consult a professional to do this) then you can look at managing the levels of allergens in the home. A dehumidifier will help stop the spread of mould at its source.

Most people with an allergy to certain airborne particles, from pet dander to dust mite faeces, will benefit from investing in an air purifier. Our range of air purifiers contains units with different filtration methods and capacities – click here to view units by filtration and here for more information about choosing the right air purifier for you. Some of these units, such as the Airfree range, are air sterilisers and actually kill the allergens rather than filter them away. Other units such as the Blueair models with SmokeStop filters are particularly efficient at removing tobacco smoke and odours.

Our non-toxic, effective allergy sprays and home furnishing treatments can quickly denature allergens in the air, on soft furnishings in laundry or from pets. Click here to view this cost-effective range.

For our full range of air purification products click here. To view our range of masks, click here.

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