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Spend £50, save 5% with healthy5, Spend £100, save 10% with healthy10

Brighten Up Blue Monday 2015

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Although it is perhaps subjective, experts have coined the phrase ‘Blue Monday’ to refer to the Monday of the last full week in January, owing to a combination of gloomy weather, post-Christmas debt, low motivation and the time lapsed after Christmas.

If you have Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D) then a low mood and lack of energy may be particularly pronounced during this time of year. S.A.D is a form of depression that relates to the change in seasons[1]. Most people who have the condition find that their symptoms tend to begin in the autumn and start to lift in the spring, due to the increasing sunlight levels.

Specific causes of S.A.D are unknown, however disruption of the body’s biological clock, decreasing serotonin levels and an imbalance of melatonin have all been linked to the condition.

Symptoms of S.A.D. include feeling depressed, a lack of energy, sleeping problems, irritability and changes in appetite. Although these can also be symptoms of other conditions, trying a light box may help you figure out whether your symptoms are related to light levels. If the light box doesn’t make you feel better, it may be time to consult your G.P.

For Blue Monday only, we’re offering 10% off all our light boxes for purchase! You can also rent a light box to see if it helps with your symptoms.

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[1] http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/seasonal-affective-disorder/basics/definition/con-20021047

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