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Carpet Moth Infestation – Is it affecting you?

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  1. Carpet moths feed on keratin which is the protein found in natural hair and wool.
  2. Moths go through 4 stages in their lifecycle: egg, larva, pupa in a cocoon and adult moth. It is the larva that feeds on your carpet or clothes. 
  3. The larvae are drawn to areas that are moist since they do not drink so they must get their moisture from the food they eat.
  4. Carpet moths like warm dark places so will locate under carpets, behind and under furniture or in dark closets or drawers if they are going to attack clothing.
  5. The larvae will feed for approximately 2 months or until they have sufficient food stored to supply the energy to change into moths.
The Healthy House offers FabriCleanse and HomeCleanse as a natural method of ridding your home of carpet moths. This is a two stage cleaning process. First stage is to clean the carpet using a carpet cleaner and FabiCleanse. FabriCleanse should be mixed 1ml to 1 litre of liquid. By using a carpet cleaning machine the FabriCleanse impregnates all the carpet fibres. The result is that the adult moths leave because this is an unsuitable place to lay their eggs and when the eggs and the larvae come in skin contact with the essential oils in the FabriCleanse they die. If there is extensive damage to the carpet a second application could be done in a month.
The second part of the process is to apply HomeCleanse to the affected area to prevent re-infestation.
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