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Coping with Dog Allergies and Hay Fever

Blog / Hay Fever / Coping with Dog Allergies and Hay Fever
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Dogs are such a huge part of the family, but it’s no secret that when they start to shed it is a nightmare! Your dog shedding is helpful for them as they prepare for summer, however annoying for the owner as it can trigger allergies. Your pets shedding can also leave pet dander around which is triggering if you are allergic to them, as well as hayfever if it’s not kept on top of in the home. 

Animals do shed on a regular basis, so this won’t be news to you. But it’s the spring season where they really go to town. Seasonal shedding happens as a result to the temperature changing. As the weather starts to become warmer, that’s when dogs tend to shed their old winter coats that they now don’t need, helping them to feel cooler and lighter in the upcoming summer months. 

How to get control over moulting and your allergies

A bath or shower routine for your dog is a great place to start; this helps any fly-away’s get washed away! It is also important to note that if you are struggling with allergies to your dogs, we can also have a helping hand in this, with our excellent PetalCleanse for dogs. It is actually the dander from our furry friends that causes irritation or triggers allergies, not their hair. This product helps to neutralise allergens in your precious pooch’s coat, whilst also moisturising and conditioning it at the same time, helping to reduce further allergens. We advise you apply this once every week. 

We also have PetalCleanse for Cats and Small Pets, in case you have allergies to other animals than Dogs.

It may give immediate relief for contact allergy, but can take up to three weeks to relieve the symptoms of asthma and respiratory problems because it takes time to reduce the build-up of airborne allergens in the home environment. If you need an extra boost to help get your allergies under control, our popular product AirCleanse can also help to speed up the process.

It is also kind to sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, and safe if you suffer from asthma. Brushing our furry friends daily will also really help with the shedding process. Keeping them super hydrated during the summer months is always a good thing too!

Spring Clean to help Hay Fever

It’s that time of the year again…the changing season can only mean one thing; a spring clean. Pollen is everywhere and our dogs are preparing for their summer bodies. Keeping the house clean will be another step in the right direction for preventing triggers within the home. We have a wonderful eco-friendly and pet safe cleaning brand called elmkind. Cruelty free, vegan and refillable. From kitchen cleaner to bathroom cleaner, we have you covered. Wipe away dog hairs that can bring pollen into your home, triggering the sniffles and red itchy eyes!

Some other easy tips: 

  • Keep a damp towel by your door and wipe paws as soon as your furry friend enters your house.
  • Give your dogs a wipe down as soon as they come back in.  
  • Keep any toys they play with outside with as clean as possible.
  • When you come in from being outdoors, shower and wash your clothes to get the pollen off.

Purify the air 

Air purifiers are seriously underestimated. Air purifiers calm allergies, capture viruses, remove pet hair, reduces shed skin, eliminates odours, helps improve sleep and relives asthma symptoms. It’s hard to find reasons not to have one in your home. Don’t worry about the size; if you haven’t got lots of space in your home, our air purifiers come in all different shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find the right fit for you and your home. 

Spring Allergies 

Seasonal triggers don’t just end at your dog moulting. Hayfever also comes out in full force. Hayfever during this season is normally caused by allergic sensitivity to airborne particles, such as mould spores or pollen from the trees, grass & weeds. There is no reason hayfever or dogs moulting should cause us to suffer. We at The Healthy House have a couple of allergy remedies that are sure to calm any irritants lurking around this time of the year. 

It’s important to mention that your dog’s health can also be reflected through them moulting in the home, so if it becomes a concern for you please seek a vet’s advice. 

As always, please feel free to call us on 01453 752216 for any advice and we are happy to help.

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