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Allergy to dust mites? A case study: My child coughs through the night

Blog / Dust Mite / Allergy to dust mites? A case study: My child coughs through the night
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Many people (both adults and children) suffer the symptoms of an allergic reaction to dust mites; however it is often an undiagnosed condition.  It is often worse in the morning and can include sneezing, wheezing, coughing and a runny nose.  During the night particularly heavy breathing can also be an indication. 

If this sounds familiar, and you suffer bouts of sinusitis (leading to blocked ears and headaches) and rhinitis, dust mite allergy is a serious consideration.  Dust mites are present in every home; however that does not mean that you or your family have to become accustomed to the symptoms.  There are various steps you can take to tackle causes of allergic reactions in the home and create an environment where dust mites cannot thrive. 

The circumstances

We were told about the challenges being faced by the parents of a young child who were having difficulties getting him to settle and stay asleep during the night.  He was coughing throughout the night, waking with night terrors (often hot and sweaty), and feeling very chesty in the morning.  As a result he was becoming very unhappy in his bed and mum and dad were feeling helpless and sad. Each day was being met with tiredness and irritability and the whole family were feeling the effects of a disturbed night’s sleep. 

Obviously during the early years a certain number of sleepless nights are to be expected, but the persistence and duration of the symptoms were becoming a real concern.  The doctors were visited several times and he was given inhalers.  These inhalers were used on several occasions but to no avail.  At no point was the possibility of an allergy mentioned. 

The proposal

So what did we recommend? Adding the FabriCleanse when washing the bed linen helped to denature up to 90% of dust mite allergens and it would also help to combat any lurking pollen, mould spores, pet allergens and pollen.  Then the mattress and any soft furnishings in the room were sprayed with HomeCleanse – this is completely safe and neutralises the allergens. 

The final step was to liberally spray the room with AirCleanse, which neutralises airborne allergens. 

The results

We are delighted to report that they saw results as soon as the following day; noting a total improvement.  He had a full night’s sleep, settled quickly and was not waking or coughing.  To make sure that the improvement in his health was as a result of the sprays, mum and dad left the bedding and did not treat the room for a while and the same symptoms returned.  Needless to say they have maintained this process since and he has continued to feel much better. 

To directly quote from the testimonial – ‘he is a happy boy and loves his bed again.’

The next stage

Now that the family have seen a marked improvement, the next step is to look at dust mite proof barrier cases and/or dust mite proof bedding

We would also suggest considering investing in an air purifier to trap or incinerate airborne dust mite allergens (particularly faeces which easily fragment and become airborne) and also to remove the bacteria and fungi that dust mites need to break down their food.  A perfect unit for dust mite allergy is the airfree air steriliser as it is silent and needs no replacement parts. The Airfree is for one room use and takes from 14 – 21 days to reach its maximum effectiveness though most people notice a reduction in symptoms within days. Alternatively an air purifier can be chosen.  When choosing a unit for the bedroom bear in mind that some are noisier than others which is an important consideration if it is to run all night. 


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Disclaimer: Information included in this blog post is intended for information purposes only and is not to be used as a substitute for consultation with a medical practitioner. Images not necessarily to scale.

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