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Spend £50, save 5% with healthy5, Spend £100, save 10% with healthy10


Grounding Ourselves to the Earth's Negative Electrons

"At The Healthy House we regularly come across new and unusual products. Occasionally we come across a gem. The Earthing Sheet is one of those products. Since putting the Earthing Sheet on our bed we have slept better than we have for years. I usually woke up before 5:00am and dosed while listening to the radio until dragging myself out of bed at 7:00 or so. Since using the Earthing Sheet I now sleep until the alarm goes off at 7:00 and get up feeling that I have had a good night's sleep. We went on holiday for a week and didn't take the Earthing Sheet and didn't sleep nearly as well. I really like the Earthing Sheet and am really glad that we have one on our bed." Don Skelton, The Healthy House Ltd.

The idea behind earthing is that the earth is negatively charged and in our day to day lives in the indoor environment we become positively charged. By walking bare foot on the lawn or on the beach our bodies pick up the negative electrons from the earth and become positively and negatively balanced. We gain the anti-oxidant electons from the earth and rid our bodies of the positive charge caused by electrostress and our modern lifestyle.

To read a more complete description about earthing and its benefits please click here.

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