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Eczema and You – Clothing

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Clothing specially designed for eczema

Clothing specially designed for eczema can reduce itching and the ability to scratch, enabling healing to take place. It can be worn over creams and some can be worn under normal daytime clothes. Choose clothing that is the right size rather than too loose and clothing that is either seam free or has covered seams.

The DermaSilk range of therapeutic silk underwear and clothing is designed specifically for eczema to help calm the itch/scratch cycle and to reduce the risk of infection. It is also available VAT exempt.

What others have said about DermaSilk for adults

“Thank you very much, I bought the eye mask for my mum and she loves it. Best sleep she’s ever had apparently.”

“I suffer from Lichen Sclerosus and have used my DermaSilk pants every night since ordering them.  I find them extremely beneficial and they definitely stop me scratching (I recently went on holiday for a week and forgot to take them with me – by the end of the week the itching at night was back). I rinse them out in pure soap flakes in the morning and they are ready to wear by bedtime.”

“My two DermaSilk long sleeved vests have helped to make the eczema misery I have been suffering over the last few months much more bearable.  I am currently saving up to buy  a polo and two short sleeve vests.”

What others have said about DermaSilk for children

“I have to say the pj’s have been an absolute miracle for my son and so amazed when he slept through the night without itching on the very first day he wore them and has continued for 3 days now. So a big thank you from my wife and I as we are not used to him sleeping through the night!”

“The product has been fantastic in helping manage my 4 yr old son with severe ezcema.”

“My 14 month old Son is wearing the toddler leggings and body suits 24/7. They have changed his life. He can enjoy playing eating sleeping everything now. His skin use to drive him crazy and he would scratch until it bled. Now his skin is still dry and when I take the leggings off he will scratch straight away but when they are on they are so good.  Thank you derma silk you have made my babies life so much more fun and comfortable for him.”

“My baby’s sleep has not been disturbed at all during the past week she was wearing DermaSilk – previously she woke up and scratched all over her body. I felt so sorry for her at that time. But she’s now happily asleep at night. Her red skin is getting back to normal gradually, though some flaking still is seen. But overall, I am very pleased with the results.”

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