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Holistic approach to eczema

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We mark Eczema Awareness Week (September 17-25) by looking at how a holistic approach to eczema helped ease the symptoms for an eight-year-old boy

“Benjamin was the perfect bouncing baby until he reached his first birthday when the first signs of eczema started to appear behind his knees and on his arms.

With no experience of eczema in the family we dutifully applied the pots of aqueous cream (which are now not recommended as it contains sodium lauryl sulfate) prescribed by our GP – but things only got worse…

Within a year he was covered in sore, red patches which he scratched until they bled making the application of cream after a bath almost impossible. We were caught in the itch – scratch cycle and there is no reasoning with a two year old!

His little body was under attack and we had to act.

By taking an holistic approach to his his health we made some lifestyle changes which have benefited the whole family.

After a thorough spring clean of the house which included replacing dusty old carpets with a wood floor, applying natural Lakeland paint to his bedroom walls, sterilising all his soft toys at 60°C, and investing in HEPA filter vacuum we focused on improving the air and water quality.

Firstly, we introduced a shower filter which removed harsh chemicals, such as chlorine, which helped his skin from drying out and made sure he was drinking clean water from a filter.

We then installed a number of ionisers in different rooms of the house to collect airborne particles.

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To prevent irritation while he slept we invested in dust mite proof covers and kept the bedroom well insulated as body temperature tends to be higher for children with eczema.

To ensure he had a cool night he slept in a DermaSilk Body Suit with folding gloves which stopped his sharp little nails from breaking the skin and allowed the skin to breathe.

Other changes included the use of paraben-free creams (Purepotions Skin Salvation and Hope’s Relief), toiletries and sunscreen plus the introduction of mild laundry products and no fabric conditioner.

Six years later, there is hardly a trace of eczema on his skin. But it has been a long, hard road and we know eczema is like the tide and could flare-up again – but thanks to a few simple lifestyle changes we hope he will stay clear.”

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How to create a healthy house to ease the symptoms of eczema


A simple solution to stopping the allergens from dust mites exasperating sensitive skin is to use dust mite proof bedding.

The exclusive Healthy House range has been densely woven to create an effective barrier between you and the dust mites lurking in pillows or duvets.

You can choose from Cotton Dust Mite Proof Pillow Cases which are 100% natural cotton, Cotton Dust Mite Proof Cot Mattress Cases, Cotton Dust Mite Proof Duvet Cases or a Cotton Dust Mite Proof Sheet Sleep Bag if you need protection away from home.

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It’s vital to ensure your clothes are not exposed to harsh detergents and you choose effective, safe products to wash your garments with.

Our range of laundry products include bio (bio-D Laundry Bleach £2.15) and the bioactive laundry ball Bluemagic LaundryBall with Silver which kills bacteria to give you fresher clothes.


The best choice is Lakeland (formerly Ecos) due to their ability to help purify the air.

One of our revolutionary products is the Lakeland Atmosphere Purifying Paint £43.98 which absorbs and neutralises pollutants permanently.

How does it do this? The paint contains special air filter silicate ingredients and can absorb from 98-99% of volatile pollutants. Top tip – re-apply every five years for maximum effect.

For more products see our Focus on Eczema 




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