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Could you be Electro Sensitive?
Like many other allergies and sensitivities Electro Sensitivity sufferers often recognise their symptoms but struggle to link them to a cause. In addition, because there is no diagnostic testing facilities for Electro Sensitivity in the U.K. diagnosis relies entirely on the patient's observation and symptoms.

Electro Sensitivity can generally be distinguished through an association of symptoms with exposure to electrical devices. Because of the varying degrees of Electro Sensitivity these can present as mild symptoms, such as a slight headache after prolonged exposure to a mobile phone, to severe reactions, with some sufferers experiencing a strong pain when exposed to any increased level of electromagnetic radiation. The most common complaints include skin problems, sensitivity to light, tiredness or weakness, heart problems and high blood pressure, headaches, joint or muscle pain and many more.

Because of the wide variety of symptoms, causes and triggers Electro Sensitivity can often be very difficult to recognise and treat. It is officially regarded as a 'physical impairment ' in Sweden affecting over 230, 000 people and has been acknowledged as a real condition by a UK government agency.

If you are concerned with the possible health risks relating to electromagnetic radiation or believe that you might be electrically sensitive we suggest three strategies for treatment; Detection, Avoidance and Protection.

To learn more about Electro Sensitivity please click here.

Measure the electromagnetic fields and level of radiation in your home and workplace. With an idea of where the electromagnetic fields are at their strongest you are able to take informed action on reducing your exposure. To see the professional meters & monitors available to rent click here

It is ideal to avoid exposure to electromagnetic fields by not using electrical devices at all or by limiting their use, remembering to turn them off rather than leaving them on standby. As modern society is so dependent on electrical items for work and everyday living this is not always as achievable as we might want. As a result it is often more convenient to use protection devices to block or harmonise electromagnetic fields.

You could consider different products to help reduce exposure and the effect of electromagnetic radiation. These products separate into two groups, devices for personal protection and devices to protect in the home and office. It is important to read the information and specification for each product as their design and level of protection differs. For our complete range of products to protect from electro stress, please click here.

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