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‘Creating a healthy bedroom’ series | Part 4: Electrostress

Blog / Uncategorized / ‘Creating a healthy bedroom’ series | Part 4: Electrostress
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Many people find that they feel ‘wired’ at night and have trouble drifting off to sleep.

If this affects you, you might want to try reducing sources of electromagnetic fields in your bedroom.

From televisions to cordless phones, your bedroom could be full of devices which emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs). These can disrupt sleep and trigger symptoms particularly in people with electrical sensitivity Symptoms can include headaches, difficulty sleeping, depression, fatigue and skin problems.

To reduce the interference of EMFs in your bedroom, we suggest that you first use an EMF meter to measure the fields. This helps you to pinpoint the ‘hot spots’ and make adjustments accordingly. For example, if your neighbours have a Wi-Fi router of a DECT phone base station on the other side of your bedroom wall, you may wish to consider moving your bed to reduce your exposure.

Turn the Wi-Fi off overnight (it saves electricity and gives you peace of mind) and turn off your mobile (or put it on airplane mode if you need to use the alarm). DECT (cordless) phones can give off high fields, so keep these out of high-traffic areas of your home, or better still, switch to a corded home phone.

Some people find that harmonising devices help them to get a restful sleep. Rather than physically blocking the radiation or reflecting it away, these devices are designed to harmonise the radiation into what is thought to be a more tolerable frequency for the human body. Many have reported that these harmonisers help them to sleep better and give them more energy to get through the day.


Click here to learn more about electrostress.

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