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Bad vibes geopathic stress explained!

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Have you ever walked into a building and felt a ‘bad vibe’? Do you ever go to certain locations and feel like there’s something ‘not quite right’?

That bad vibe you’re feeling could be an indicator of the presence of something called geopathic stress.

What is geopathic stress?

German physicist Schumann claimed in the 1950’s that the natural frequency of the Earth’s magnetic field was 7.83Hz. There’s a theory that this resonant energy is linked to the health and wellbeing of humans and animals, since it falls within the range of human alpha brainwaves.

Some people think that factors such as underground water, faults and pipes can distort this natural vibration of the Earth’s magnetic field, and that this in turn may affect our health. Geopathic stress is the term used to describe the effect of this distortion on the body. 

It’s believed that geopathic stress can be triggered by the presence of things like the following, either directly underneath the ground, on the ground or very close by:

–        Underground caves

–        Fault lines

–        Mineral deposits

–        Underground watercourses

–        Railway lines

–        Quarries

–        Mines

–        EMFs from pylons, radio towers and power line

–        Hartmann Grid (this is described as a grid of “parallel energy waves rising vertically from the ground….alternatively positive and negative, running from north to south and from east to west”. [1] According to German doctor Hartmann, where there is an intersection of two ‘negative’ lines, ill-effects on health can occur.)

–        Curry Grid (a tighter grid pattern identified by a Swiss doctor, with lines travelling from south-east to north-west and south-west to north-east. Similarly, it’s thought that an intersection of two ‘negative’ Curry lines could be linked to ill-effects such as sleep disturbances.)

Could your home or workplace be under geopathic stress?

Some people think that geopathic stress can cause a number of problems to people in affected locations. Issues that people have claimed can arise from geopathic stress may include:

–        A general feeling of uneasiness

–        Trouble sleeping

–        Irritability

–        Tiredness

–        Physical health problems like headaches, immune and cardiovascular issues

–        Accelerated aging

Lots of people scoff at the idea of geopathic stress, mainly due to the lack of scientific support. However, while these effects are yet to be conclusively proven, there are many anecdotal reports of people suffering as a result of being in a location under geopathic stress. If you want to read some, Kathe Bachler’s book ‘Earth Radiation’ contains a great deal of case studies of the impacts on children, adults and babies affected by geopathic stress, after sleeping on beds positioned over an intersection of Curry lines or water crossings.

The ‘Vienna report’, undertaken in 1987 by a research team of scientists, doctors and dowsers, aimed to establish whether there was any truth in the theory that geopathic stress can impact upon health. The team examined a range of ‘Disturbed Zones’ and ‘Neutral Zones’ (identified by dowsers) to carry out double-blind experiments on healthy volunteers. An independent engineer undertook a report for each site to rule out any man-made influences from EMF radiation.

The researchers measured a range of biological parameters in the subjects, discovering factors such as a decrease in serotonin (a neurotransmitter that’s thought to help regulate body processes and contribute to our wellbeing), in areas identified as ‘Disturbed Zones’.

The researchers concluded that although geopathic stress can’t be linked to any specific illness or condition, it can be thought of as a risk factor, much like stress, alcohol, environmental pollutants and a poor diet.

You can read the full report here and make up your own mind!

What can you do about it?

If you think you’re experiencing problems as a result of geopathic stress, visit your GP first to rule out any underlying medical problems. If you still suspect that geopathic stress may be triggering your symptoms, you can contact a dowsing specialist or try a Geomack to see if it helps (with a 90 day money-back guarantee if you don’t find it helps relieve your symptoms).

The Geomack Energetic Vitalisers

The Geomack Energetic Vitalisers are tower-shaped devices that can be attached to a wall or free-standing. They are designed to help combat the effects of geopathic stress, along with man-made electromagnetic stress. According to the manufacturer, they “clear a building of distorted energies” and “reduce stress by creating a subtle energy field, which counteracts the undesirable energies from the underground”.

Human blood analysis trials testing the effectiveness of the Geomack range have been conducted at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. They showed a marked decrease in the ‘Rouleau effect’ (stacking of red blood cells) after using the Geomack for 12 weeks. Presence of the Rouleau formulation may be linked to ill health, as it can restrict blood oxygen flow throughout the body[2].

Feefo Independent Customer feedback:

“Ordered the Geomack for our house. I did feel an energy change in the house once it was installed, it seemed to feel lighter and the house has felt more calm since.”

“I’ve had the E4004 Energetic Vitaliser for 3 weeks now and I feel so much better. I’m sleeping well and have much more energy.”

“Not sure what we expected but the whole house feels better, more relaxed and generally healthier.”

Try any of the Geomack Energetic Vitalisers (excluding the G-Oyster) with a 90 day money back guarantee. If you’re not convinced it’s helping you, you can simply return it to us (a £10 restocking charge applies).

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[1] ‘Unhealthy Energies’ from ‘Safe as Houses’ by David R. Cowan (Gill & Macmillan Books)

[2] http://www.geomack.com/docs/company/scientific_research_dd1.htm

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