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Hand Eczema

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If you routinely experience flaky skin between your fingers or dry, cracked palms you may have eczema or dermatitis. Here the sensitive skin experts at Green People share their natural hand care tips for skin that’s prone to hand eczema and dermatitis.

Hand eczema symptoms

Eczema and contact dermatitis can develop anywhere on your body. Symptoms include, patches of dry skin on the hands that is flaky, itchy, and easily irritated.


•          Dry, cracked palms

•          Flaky skin between the fingers

•          Itchy, irritated hands

There are many different types of eczema and if you have prolonged eczema symptoms on your hands, this could be a form of atopic eczema. If your symptoms develop after contact with an irritant, such as a household cleaning product, and the skin recovers after a few days, it may be that you have had contact dermatitis.

Is it atopic hand eczema or contact dermatitis?

Often develops in childhood 
Skin appears dry, cracked and irritated 
While many will grow out of hand eczema it can be chronic and may flare up in response to lifestyle and environmental changes 
Develops after contact with a skin irritating substance 
Skin is inflamed, dry, cracked and irritated. The skin may also blister.
Symptoms of contact dermatitis are temporary and with the right care, symptoms will reduce within a short timeframe

What causes hand eczema in adults?

Adults with eczema-prone skin may find that their hands develop eczema symptoms in response to a number of different lifestyle and environmental factors including:

  • A change in diet 
  • Exposure to extreme temperature changes 
  • Exposing the skin to skin-drying skin care products or household irritants 
  • Stress 

Frequent hand washing can also irritate the skin and lead to contact dermatitis and, because washing the hands with soap is essential for keeping you protected from illness, this can be hard to avoid. 

Green People’s Scent Free Hand Wash is a gentle liquid hand wash that promotes clean, fresh hands whilst protecting the skin barrier. 

How to soothe hand eczema 

Applying a gentle hand cream regularly is another effective way to keep the skin barrier healthy and help reduce the risk of experiencing a hand eczema flare-up.

  • Hand cream rehydrates and replenishes dry skin 
  • Hand cream restores broken skin barriers 
  • Hand cream calms irritated skin and soothes soreness 

Choosing a hand cream to soothe dry skin

If your skin is cracked, dry or itchy, we recommend using a scent-free hand cream that contains Omega-3&6 fatty acids and protective plant extracts such as calming Chamomile. We suggest also suggest looking for hand washes such as Green People’s Scent Free Hand Wash and hand creams made with Squalane. Healthy skin typically contains 10-13% Squalene. Those with dry skin typically produce lower levels of Squalene.

Our favourite hand cream for sensitive skin is Green People’s Scent Free Hand & Body Lotion. A natural hand cream enriched with plant actives emollient-like properties, this nourishing lotion can be used anywhere on the body and blends skin-barrier supporting Squalane with calming Chamomile and Marshmallow, an excellent emollient which helps protects the skin’s Hyaluronic acid supplies.

Note: Green People strongly advise that people with unexplained skin problems seek advice from a doctor or suitably qualified medical practitioner in order to get a proper diagnosis and to identify the cause of the problem.

Guest blog from Green People.

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