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Happy Easter! Stay symptom-free over the long weekend…

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At home it’s a little easier to make our surroundings an allergy ‘sanctuary’ – we can choose allergy-friendly bedding, install an air purifier and use cleaning products of our choice. However, when we’re away from home, we don’t have the same level of control over our environment. This means it’s really important to plan ahead and consider how you will manage your symptoms when travelling, particularly if they are severe. 

8 top tips to keep symptoms at bay

  • Allergic to feathers, certain types of bedding or dust mites? Bring your own washable pillows or, if you prefer to travel light, consider bringing barrier cases for dust mite allergy. Bedding in hotels can sometimes provoke reactions in sensitive people.
  • Some hotels allow guests to bring pets. The allergens can remain in carpets and soft furnishings even after they’ve been cleaned. If you have pet allergy, make sure you call ahead to check that your room has been pet-free.You can also pack a bottle of AirCleanse to help ward off any remaining allergens.
  • If you’re lucky enough to catch some rays, pack a gentle sun lotion free from potential irritants (humidity and warm temperatures can worsen eczema symptoms!)
  • Pop a Travel Allergy Pack in your suitcase for protection on the go. It contains three lightweight yet long-lasting sprays to keep insects at bay and denature allergens on hotel room furniture and in both indoor and outdoor air. (Please note that if you have a severe insect allergy, never forget your auto-injector and speak with your GP before you go for thorough advice).
  • portable wearable air purifier can be helpful if you have multiple chemical sensitivities. Perfect for air travel or when out and about, the ion rich air helps prevent symptoms from allergens, bacteria, viruses and strong smells. Our Roomaid range of air purifiers are also compact enough to be used in caravans and hotel rooms, requiring a low power supply. 
  • A portable shower filter or bath dechlorinator is ideal if you are sensitive to chlorine and will be doing a lot of swimming or staying in an area with a very chlorinated water supply.
  • Does that ‘hire car smell’ make you feel nauseous or give you a headache? The Amaircare XR-100 car air purifier removes particles and VOCs resulting from smoke, upholstery smells and exhaust fumes. If you’re planning on travelling in a hire car, this will help to protect your family from symptoms resulting from certain airborne allergens.
  • Hay Max Balm is an organic,  non-drowsy and portable way to stop hay fever symptoms in their tracks. This pocket-sized but powerful balm traps pollen before it enters the body. A travel ‘must’!

Disclaimer: Information included in this blog is intended for information purposes only and is not to be used as a substitute for consultation with a medical practitioner.

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