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Ward off electrosmog with harmonisers

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How to ward off electrosmog with the use of harmonisers for electrical devices and the body

Did you know that today we live in a society estimated to contain 10 billion times more radio-frequency radiation than it did just 50 years ago? Scientists are now concerned about the effect this exposure is having on our health.

Research has revealed that placing a harmoniser on your mobile phone or wearing an energy wristband or harmonising pendant helps to deflect electrostress and rebalances the body to a more natural state.

Combining the power of both eases the effects of EMF as products such energytDOTs Green8 Evolution on your devices could help to diffuse the amount of electrosmog they give off while a bioDOT you wear is designed to strengthen your own biofield and build up your defences to further EMF exposure.

As we are surrounded by an invisible tide of electrosmog, which is set to become worse as more WiFi products hit the market, more people are turning to these harmonising products to wear and attach to their devices in home, office or car.

Phi Harmonics is now offering multiple packs of smartDOTs which will allow you to attach onto ALL your devices from mobile phones and laptops to WiFi routers and tablets.

Also don’t forget your domestic appliances such  microwaves, DECT phones and baby monitors plus devices used by youngsters such as a games consoles and tablets.

How harmonising products can ease electrostress

The Phi energyDOTs work on a similar principle to homeopathy. Underpinning these products is the belief that a solid substance (the DOT) can act as a storage device for an energy signature.

Phi has undertaken experiments in which a person’s energy field appears to become stronger which in turn supports our physical well being.  For example, physical improvements such as positive changes to the red blood cells have been observed.  

Phi Harmonics offer a collection of small magnetic discs known as energyDOTs and Green8 have their own range of neutralising foils which also help to rebalance your energy levels.

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In order to help energise and balance your biofields you can choose to wear harmonising products for the body such as Green8 Body Harmoniser Premium, Phi Encoded Pendant or the Phi bioBAND or Phi bioTAG. Q-Link also offer an Enhanced Personal Energy Pendant which helps balance you biofield.

The Green8 Body Harmoniser Premium has been designed to be worn over the solar plexus chakra. According to the manufacturer the energy field increases as you wear it and provides a 0.5 metre radius of protection.

We are now offering multiple packs for both smartDOTs and Green8.

Green8 offers the Evolution Mobile Phone Harmoniser and you can now save up to £34 by selecting a multipack (available from single to a pack of four).

This Green8 Harmonisers can be attached to gadgets  such as laptops or WiFi routers and rather than shielding, absorbing or blocking radiation they claim it will neutralise it over a 1.5 metre radius.

Users have reported benefits which include; reduction of ‘hot ear’ feeling, eyes no longer stinging after mobile phone use and improved energy levels.

The Phi bioDOT, Phi BioBAND and PhiBioCLIP and Phi BioTAG are all currently offering a free smartDOT (worth £25) when you buy these harmonising products. This is because the bands, tags and clips with a bioDOT will energise your internal biofield while the smartDOT can be attached to your electrical devices to ease the external effects of EMF.

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How harmonisers work

Harmonising products act like a “tuning fork” re-training electromagnetic frequencies into a more tolerable frequency to  remind the body of its natural healthy state and boost energy levels.

The Phi bioDOT has been designed to help strengthen your own personal biofield to help “recharge your batteries” which is why the magnet has been attached to bands and tags which we can wear.

Whereas the Phi smartDOT EMF Harmoniser, which are stuck onto your devices, work on the electrosmog they give off.

“My energy has improved enormously since wearing this while on my computer.”…“Could not believe the difference it made. Sleepless nights are a thing of the past.” (Feefo independent feedback)

 Phi Harmonics recommends you change your energyDOTs every two years.

Top tips to further reduce exposure

Protect yourself with a case

Shield yourself with one of our mobile phone cases such as the WaveWall AntiRadiation Phone Case or WaveWall Flip Anti-Radiation iPhone Case

Use a hands free headset

Try our Air Low Radiation Earphones which reduces radiation by 99% as it converts electrical signals into harmless air waves.

Monitor children’s phone usage

Try to set the phone to Airplane Mode if WiFi is not needed and limit the time spent using this technology. Also limit the time you allow children to view images or play games on YOUR mobile devices.





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