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Hay Fever – Statistics

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What are your chances of developing hay fever?

An article today in The Mirror quotes some recent work by Dr Jean Emberlin, director of PollenUK and scientific director of Allergy UK who suggests that by 2030 almost 50% of the population will suffer from hay fever. It also appears that hay fever is affecting many later in life, so that even if you have never suffered before, as you get older you may find pollens seriously affecting your life.

Reduce exposure

Whenever possible we recommend that sufferers seek out products that will help them to reduce contact with the pollens, rather than depend on prescription or over the counter antihistamines. Sometimes it is necessary to combine the two.  

An email from one of our web developers yesterday was encouraging since we had installed a couple of Radic8 air sterilisers in their office a few days ago. “I mistakenly put them (the Radic8s) through a bit of a test today when I forgot to take my hay fever spray this morning. Usually in May I would have needed to go home again to take my spray, but a combination of the damp weather an Radic8 has meant today has not been a problem for me.”

“Hay fever tips: How to treat summer problem as Britain readies itself for epidemic”

Learn more about your chances of developing hay fever and what some of the “experts” have to say.

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