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Spend £50, save 5% with healthy5, Spend £100, save 10% with healthy10

Top 10 healthy gifts for Fathers Day

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Treat Dad this Sunday with these gifts for all budgets

Looking for a practical and useful gift that Dad will love this Father’s Day? The big day on Sunday June 19th is fast approaching, so read our top 10 healthy gift ideas for a little inspiration. Don’t forget to place your order by Wednesday 15th!


A stylish mobile phone case with a difference

{{widget type=”webdnaproductlist/list” product_ids=”16105,15989,15002″ grid_list=”grid”}}Is your dad always talking on his phone and then popping it into his pocket?

You can help protect him from the potential health effects of electromagnetic (EMF) radiation by giving him a stylish black leather WaveWall case. Compatible cases are available for 9 different phone brands, including the Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

The robust WaveWall works by reflecting mobile phone radiation away from the body. It has been designed to protect against male infertility which could be caused from the potential effects of EMF radiation.

Independent testing of the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) has shown the case (available in three vibrant accent colours of blue, red and green) help to reduce the SAR by 87% in an iPhone5.

The WaveWall is simple to use. The shielding material is situated on the flat side. Therefore, you must place it into your pocket with the flat side against your leg. The tab side should be facing outwards. 

Benefit from our special offer on the WaveWall and SmartDOT Harmoniser Set if you buy the set.

The Healthy House also offers the WaveWall Flip Anti-Radiation iPhone Case which also offers the radiation shielding benefits to protect your head when you are on the phone.

Not only will the WaveWall range keep your dad safe but you can assure him these cases don’t interfere with the signal so he won’t miss any important calls or messages on his big day.


Zest of summer

{{widget type=”webdnaproductlist/list” product_ids=”862″ grid_list=”grid”}}When it comes to toiletries, we bet your dad has been using the same brand of shower gel, moisturiser and deodorant for years. Most of the popular brands are packed with synthetic chemicals and can strip the body of its natural oils.

This Father’s Day why not offer your dad a refreshing change and give him an organic 2-in-1 hair and body wash.

He can wake up to zest of cypress and clove with the Green People Organic Homme Vitamin Boost Shower Wash which is not only exhilarating and detoxifying but is also certified to be 76% organic.

This gentle wash cleanses the hair as well as the skin, leaving it soft, clean and fresh. Suitable for those with sensitive skin and anyone prone to eczema, psoriasis or blemishes.

With the goodness of organic cypress, seaweed and vitamin E to feed the skin and hair this vitamin booster can be followed up with the Green People Organic Homme Cool Down Moisturiser.

The moisturiser, which is certified as 93% organic, includes the soothing benefits of aloe vera, shea butter, green tea, mint and calendula and is nourishing yet non greasy and can be used after shaving or for cooling down the skin after sun exposure.

The perfect start to Father’s Day.


A healthier use for lighter sockets in your car

{{widget type=”webdnaproductlist/list” product_ids=”141″ grid_list=”grid”}}If your dad clocks up the miles in his car he is prone to breathing in carbon monoxide and fuel gases along with pollen, dust and smoke.

A simple solution is to buy the Amaircare XR100 Car Air Purifier which literally cleans the air in the car due to its effective three-stage filter and plugs into the car’s lighter socket and only uses 12 volts.

Easy to fit, the purifier is mounted on the car’s headrest which should be raised to maximum height.

The Amaircare XR100 Car Air Purifier casing is made from steel, so is tough enough for the most challenging environments. It is also beneficial for those who suffer from issues with plastics.

Commuters will be able to breathe deeply as the purifier will easily filter the air in your car three times an hour on the high setting.  It also comes with the optional mains transformer and you can buy the Amaircare Replacement XR100 Filter (3 pack).


Balance of nature

{{widget type=”webdnaproductlist/list” product_ids=”1078″ grid_list=”grid”}}Help to balance your dad’s natural energy for the summer holidays with this stylish wristband.

This cool Phi bioBAND is available in black, blue and white and may help to ease headaches, tension and stress. It uses programmed harmonic interface (phi) technology® designed to improve vitality.

The band, which also improves concentration and sleep, could be the natural antidote to our modern life with exposure to mobile phones, WiFi and traffic jams as it helps balance our biofield (our vibrant living energy field).

The bioBAND comes with a smartDOT EMF harmoniser worth £25 absolutely FREE.

The smartDOT is designed to retune electromagnetic radiation from electronic equipment and can be easily attached to your mobile devices. Ideal for anyone who is electrosensitive or concerned about potential health effects of prolonged EMF exposure.

The band is available for wrist sizes from small (160mm) to large (220mm).


Best foot forward

{{widget type=”webdnaproductlist/list” product_ids=”15385″ grid_list=”grid”}}Socks for Father’s Day may be an old cliché but we’re sure your dad would be delighted to receive a pair of DermaSilk® Comfort Socks designed for sensitive skin.

The soft black socks are made from medical grade silk and are perfect for wearing to the office and at weekends, especially if your dad is the outdoor type and enjoys walking or sports.

These socks, available in sizes 5.5 to 12.5, have been specially-made to help ease the symptoms of pedopompholyx, eczema, dermatitis and other skin allergies on the feet – allowing your dad to put his best foot forward.

As the socks are made from a silk which is far superior to cotton, it retains 30% of its moisture without feeling damp. This allows the foot to maintain the ideal moisture level and helps reduce cracking and tightness.

The special knitted construction of the fabric makes it breathable promoting faster healing which is, in essence, a second skin. 

The breathable DermaSilk®  material has been bonded with an antimicrobial shield which helps prevent infection as it inhibits the growth of fungus such as Athlete’s Foot – ideal for busy dads.

Also availableDermaSilk® Men’s Round Neck T-Shirt


Keeping grounded at work

{{widget type=”webdnaproductlist/list” product_ids=”16131″ grid_list=”grid”}}Help your busy dad connect to the Earth’s supply of free electrons while he works.

Whether working from an office or at home The Earthing Mouse Mat allows him to create a connection to the Earth’s natural negative charge, which many people find to be beneficial for their health.

This cool black mat consists of a foam core with carbon conductive coating and is connected to the Earth via the earth wire in your mains system.

By resting a hand or wrist on the mat, your dad will create a connection between his bare skin and the Earth.  

The mat is suitable for use with all types of optical and ball mice, and is ideal for those who use an external mouse with a laptop.  

Please note: Information included on this site is not intended to be used as a substitute for consultation with a medical practitioner. Don’t forget to place your order by Wednesday 15th so that your items arrive in terms for Father’s Day! Prices quoted do not include P&P where applicable (click here for delivery information).

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