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Spend £50, save 5% with healthy5, Spend £100, save 10% with healthy10

Living by a busy road? The Hextio removes 81% of Nitrogen Dioxide from car fumes.

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If you are interested in indoor air quality, Hextio is the way to go …

Hextio is designed  with the technology to combat indoor air quality and to keep you and your family safe.

The Hextio is a small and compact machine designed for one room use though it can easily be moved from one room to another. It is small and lightweight. Hextio constantly monitors and samples the air quality, responding automatically to air pollution by switching to full power until the pollution has been neutralised. Click here to read more about Hextio. Go to the Video tab to see what Hextio can do for you.

The benefits of the Hextio Air Purifier/Air Steriliser:

  • Cleans virus and bacteria from the air in your room
  • Prevents colds and ‘flu from spreading
  • Removes traffic fumes and pollution
  • Fights allergens and asthma
  • Neutralises chemicals and VOCs

The Hextio will neutralise:

  • Diesel fumes
  • Harmful VOCs
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Smoke
  • Mould and mould spores
  • Fungi
  • Fine dust particles
  • Allergens

Reactor chamber enhances pollution destruction

To ensure maximum Photo-Catalysis for optimum levels of pollution destruction, the reactor chamber in the Hextio consists of 1UVC (ultra violet C) lamp, 9 chrome coated TiO2 (titanium dioxide) hexagon filters and a chrome coated housing. The mirrored reactor chamber increases the UV efficiency by 10 times and the sterilization rate in the chamber is very high. The reactor cell last for up to 8000hrs (average 1 – 3yrs depending upon usage). The filter change indicator for the Reactor Cell ensures the unit is working to its full potential at all times.

“The World Health Organisation has named and shamed more than 40 towns and cities for breaching safety levels for air pollution.”

Independent Test Results by KCL – Korea Conformity Laboratories

KCL – The Korea Conformity Laboratories has tested the new Hextio Air Purifier/Steriliser for 4 noxious gases with the following results:

  • Nitrogen Dioxide   HO2                      81% removal
  • Formaldehyde       HCHO                  65% removal
  • Toluene                  C6H5-CH3           96% removal
  • Ammonia               NH3                      53%  removal

(Toluene is methylbenzene which is responsible for the common smell in paint thinners.) 

“Nitrogen oxides in car exhaust kill tens of thousands in UK” New Scientist 28 September 2015

Air pollution is one of our greatest environmental health threats – now you can remove it from your indoor air.

Hextio has been proven to improve indoor air quality by removing harmful chemicals

Hextio is designed  with the technology to combat indoor air pollution and to keep you and your family safe.

“Poor air quality is a major cause of disease and death – increasing the risk of stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, and chronic and acute respiratory diseases, including asthma.” MailOnline April 24, 2017

 Make your home a haven from pollutants

People in the UK spend on average 90% of their time indoors, maximizing possible exposure to a wide range of indoor air pollutants.  As houses become more air tight the concentration of air pollution increases.

Air pollution kills more people in the UK than road traffic accidents. This stark statistic was revealed in a report which stated “epidemic levels” of deaths, 50,000 people each year, were as a result of poor air quality compared to 1,713 in 2013 involved in road traffic accidents.

There are 5 areas of air pollution in the home:

  1. Particles and allergens: These include smoke from wood and tobacco, dust, pollen and dust mite allergens.
  2. Toxic compounds: These include formaldehyde, benzene, acetone and toluene that are offgased by building materials, furniture, curtains, carpet and some cleaning products.
  3. Mould and mildew:  Mould gives off microscopic spores into the air. These can cause nose and throat irritation and in some cases cause asthma and lung infections. Moulds also give off VOCs which is why many chemically sensitive people are affected by it.
  4. Infectious diseases: People and pets bring in bacteria and viruses that can cause common colds, streptococcus, tuberculosis and influenza. These can be passed by personal contact or in the air.

Dangerous gases:  Numerous gases are produced by combustion appliances such as wood stoves, central heating and gas cookers. Also the exhaust gases from diesel vehicles that leak into the home.





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