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How a water filter can help dramatically relieve your allergy symptoms

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What’s lurking in your tap water?

Although the central water suppliers do their utmost to make sure that the water delivered to our homes is safe to drink, the millions of litres per day that is processed are delivered through miles of pipes of various ages. There are various different chemicals that may be found in drinking water supplies, but here is some information on the best-known ones.


Chlorine on its own is a yellow-green poisonous gas. It can’t exist alone in nature and has to bond to another element. On organic matter, chlorine has a corrosive effect. This could be why many allergy sufferers, particularly those with chronic skin conditions, have reported improved symptoms after switching to dechlorinated bathing and drinking water. Scientific studies have reported that chlorinated water can destroy vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids, along with intestinal gut flora that help aid food digestion and protect the body from pathogens.

Rust and Lead

Rust particles in water usually come from old iron pipework that has had mains supplies running through it for many years. Our filters remove 99.99% of rust particles 0.9 microns or larger. Our Ultracarb filter candle removes 98.3% of lead, which can be picked up from pipework.

Flouride and Flourine

Flouride is added to drinking water supplies in some parts of the country, due to a widely held belief that it helps to prevent tooth decay. Studies have shown that fluoride accumulates in the body, and given that the dosage cannot be controlled (as different people drink different amounts of tap water) there is some concern over its long term effects on health.

To find out more about chemicals that may be in your water, click here. To find out which chemicals each of our filters remove, click here.

How will a water filter help with my allergy?

Allergic responses occur as a result of your body mistaking a normally harmless substance as an intruder. This causes your body’s immune response to go into overdrive as antibodies attack the allergen. This process causes the manifestation of various unpleasant symptoms, for example wheezing, sneezing or itching skin.

In many cases, the idea that chemicals in tap water can exacerbate allergies is often overlooked.

A recent Belgian study found that chlorine in water can worsen asthma in children. Even those who don’t suffer from asthma can be sensitive to the gases produced as a result of showering or bathing in chlorine. In an enclosed shower, the build-up of these gases can irritate the lungs. Another study found that reactions to fluoride may be linked to asthma attacks.

Those suffering from eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions may see and feel clear benefits from switching to dechlorinated water, particularly in the bath or shower. Chlorine can be abrasive and drying, which may be why many people find that their skin moisture levels improve significantly after dechlorinating their water.

People with multiple chemical sensitivity (M.C.S.) may benefit from the reduced load of chemicals being ingested into their bodies as a result of purifying their drinking water. Many of our customers with M.C.S. have had positive results from purchasing a water filtering system.

Why buy from The Healthy House?

·         Quality

At The Healthy House, we have been very careful to choose only products that are manufactured by reputable companies that use independent quality control testing by organisations such as NSF and WRAS, ensuring that product performance claims are verified.

·         Filter reminder service

Filter candles in your system need to be changed on a regular basis. We’ll automatically include your name on our reminder service when you order a water filter system from us, so that you can keep your system performing optimally. This service is offered for the drinking water, wholehouse and shower filter systems, along with the bath dechlorinator.

·         Excellent customer service

Our friendly team will be happy to advise you every step of the way and to answer your queries.

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