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How to make and keep a bed mite free

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5 steps to making and keeping your bed mite-free

There are five simple steps to ensure that house dust mites are not welcomed into a bed.   

Step One: Best to buy a new mattress, but if the mattress has been used, vacuum it thoroughly in a well ventilated room. Then place a tightly-woven micro-porous cover on the mattress to stop any remaining allergens from escaping and prevent new mites from finding a home.  The cover should be of highest standard and fully enclose the mattress.

Step Two: Place a heavy cotton quilted cover over the mattress to absorb perspiration and collect discarded skin scales and dust.

Step Three: Put micro porous covers of the same high quality on duvets and pillows.

Step Four: Hot wash all bed linen weekly. The quilted cover only needs to be hot washed every two weeks, but it must be completely dry before being put back on the bed.

Step Five: Micro-porous covers should be damp wiped while the bed linen is off to remove any unwanted dust.

Notations: Nightwear should be made of cotton to help absorb perspiration and must be kept for bedroom use only to prevent a transfer of common household allergens, such as from cats, into the bed.

Please remember that house dust mites live in colonies (like ants) and are up to 75% water.  Ten minutes in a hot dryer will kill the mite, but make sure that the dryer is vented outside to blow away any harmful mite dust.

For more information please watch the short animation to see WHY house dust mites cause health problems.

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