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Indoor Air Quality

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The air quality in your home can be worse than on a busy street corner.
There are several reasons that our homes are becoming so polluted but the main problem is the lack of ventilation. This allows contaminants in the air to stay and build up in the home. The following is a list of the possible contaminants that may be building up in your home.

1. Formaldehyde is an aldehyde and one of the most commonly used chemicals found in households. It is used as a solvent in carpets, furniture, curtains and paint. It is a potent irritant which may affect the eyes, nose, throat and lungs and can cause skin reactions.  

2. VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are a large family of chemicals that includes all the organic compounds (containing hydrogen and carbon) which readily evaporate and cause air pollution. VOCs include alkenes, benzenes, alcohols, propane, polymers and monomers to name just a few. VOCS are found in paint, petrol, natural gas, propane, dry cleaning scents and plastics. Exposure may cause eye and skin irritation, dizziness and muscle weakness. 

3. Carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide are all gases that are bi- products of the burning of fossil fuels such as natural gas, fuel oil, petroleum, coal and wood and also includes people smoking.  During the winter months poorly maintained central heating systems as well as gas fires and fuel burning stoves can give off a wide range of toxic chemicals. In addition, gas hobs and gas ovens will also give off these chemicals in the cooking process throughout the year.

To view air purifiers that will help to remove these chemicals, please click here.

4. Airborne bacteria and viruses are released into the air by people and pets and can be contained in a closed up house and breathed in by people in the home. An air steriliser is ideal for killing bacteria, viruses and moulds.  

By keeping the relative humidity in the home at between 40 to 50%, bacteria and viruses are reduced. Dehumidifiers pull moisture from the air reducing the relative humidity.

5. Airborne biological allergens are by far the most common allergens in the home. These include pollen, fungi and their spores, animal dander and house dust mites and their faeces.  These allergens are either carried into the home on our clothing or on pets or come in through open doors and windows. We offer air purifiers to remove particles only, or to remove particles and odours.

Poor Air Quality can be Improved
Poor air quality can be improved by increasing the ventilation in your home. By opening your doors and windows and letting in outside air you can reduce the concentration of pollutants that build up in your home. During the winter months when it is cold outside and people are struggling to keep warm the addition of a multi-facited air purifier that will remove both particles and a wide range of chemicals can be really helpful. The RoomaidAirvax and NaturoPure HF380 are air purifiers that are good at removing both particles and chemicals.

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