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Is Electrostress affecting you?

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Many people report symptoms of varying severity as a result of exposure to electrical equipment and electromagnetic fields (EMFs). For people with Electrical Sensitivity, the symptoms can be debilitating, ranging from depression to dizziness, and the impact on one’s day to day life can be very significant.

Even those who don’t suffer from Electrical Sensitivity can be affected by electrostress.

The constant radiation from everyday equipment that our bodies are subjected to means that we are all under ‘electrostress’. Although not everyone will experience severe symptoms, it is relatively common to feel fatigued or have insomnia after computer or mobile phone use.

Whether you have Electrical Sensitivity, are experiencing electrostress or you just want to protect yourself against any long-term potential health effects of EMFs, you can benefit from finding the source of the radiation around you. This way, you can determine which area in your home has the highest levels and move beds and other furniture to accommodate this. The easiest way to do this is to rent one of our accurate, professional meters.

This great video from Sensory Perspective raises awareness of the potential dangers of mobile phones and electromagnetic radiation.

We offer a wide range of protective products which we believe anyone can benefit from, not just those suffering with electrosensitivity. These range from units for the whole house, Wi-Fi alternatives and mobile phone radiation shields to demand switches which stop EMFs on an electrical circuit when not in use. Click here to see our full range of electrosensitivity products. 

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