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Keeping allergies in check during festival season

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The festival season has kicked off, and we’re envious of all those headed off to Glastonbury!

For allergy sufferers however, festivals aren’t always a ‘walk in the park’. Hay fever, skin conditions and insects always threaten to ruin the party atmosphere.

Don’t let allergies spoil your fun this year. Put your wellies on, pack your camping bag and read our top tips for keeping allergy symptoms at bay this summer:

Hay Fever

Pack a pot of Hay Max balm in your bag. This natural, organic formula can be applied to the bottom of your nose, trapping pollen before it enters your body. It’s a drug-free alternative to help relieve the symptoms of hay fever, including sneezing, itching skin and streaming eyes.  

Our range of nasal sprays may also help to relieve the symptoms of rhinitis, sinus congestion, sinus pressure and headaches, so you can get back to enjoying the music!

You can also help minimise your exposure to pollen by wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses.



Heat can cause eczema to flare up, so try to keep relatively cool (we know this is easier said than done). Wearing organic cotton clothing, washed using non-irritating laundry products, may help. When possible, keep affected areas clean and protect skin with a gentle sun lotion suitable for sensitive skin. We have a range of skincare products suitable for those prone to eczema. If you do get sunburnt, we recommend applying DermaBalm to calm the skin.  


Whether you have allergies or not, it’s crucial to stay hydrated at a festival. Even slight dehydration can raise histamine levels, which can cause allergy symptoms. Plus, dehydration is the most common cause of fatigue, so always keep a bottle of water handy to ensure you have enough energy to see all the acts you want to see.

Insect bites

Repel mosquitoes, midges, bees, wasps, ticks, horseflies and fleas with a handy natural spray like Incognito or EcoCitrocin.

If you have severe allergies that could lead to anaphylaxis, it may be advisable to speak to an allergy specialist or GP before you head to a festival for expert advice. If you have been prescribed an auto-injector, keep it with you at all times, and always wear a MedicAlert bracelet if you have one. It may be wise to familiarise yourself of where the medical tent is on arrival, and always make sure the friends you are travelling with are aware of your condition.

Whichever festival you’re headed off to this season, we hope it’s fun, sunny and allergy-free!

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