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Managing Eczema in Hot Weather

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Avoid Chlorine

Due to its drying effects on sensitive skin, exposure to chlorine can worsen eczema symptoms. A water filter will remove most of the chlorine from your water, and could be an important step towards relieving your symptoms.

Some eczema sufferers avoid swimming in pools due to the skin irritation that chlorine can cause. If giving up swimming is not an option, you can minimise the effects of chlorine by washing it off afterwards with a gentle shower gel. We have plenty of kind and gentle products here.

Stop the Scratching 

Heat can make the itchiness of eczema unbearable, but scratching it only serves to multiply the problem. Protective clothing from the DermaSilk range and gloves are specifically designed for eczema sufferers. They help to reduce the chance of infection and soothe the itch/scratch cycle. 

Dermatherapy bedding is also specifically designed with irritated skin in mind, creating a smooth, comfortable and cooling surface for people with traumatised skin to sleep on.

Therapeutic Products

Troubled skin needs pure, natural and nourishing products to help it heal. Our products contain no synthetic colours or fragrances, parabens or harmful chemicals. Although they may take a little longer than steroid creams to take effect, they will nourish the skin and have long term healing effects. Click here to browse our range of therapeutic products.

For more information about eczema and helpful product suggestions, please click here

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