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The Benefits of Wearing a Mask – Hayfever, Cleaning, Cycling

Blog / Clean Air / The Benefits of Wearing a Mask – Hayfever, Cleaning, Cycling
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Even though we’re heading into spring and summer we can still get some surprisingly chilly mornings and evenings when protecting sensitive airways is important. Cold, damp air can trigger your airways to go into spasm, leading to symptoms such as coughing and shortness of breath*.

The Cold Weather Mask is made of soft and warm polyester fleece with a lining of pure silk to help protect sensitive airways. The patented design wicks away moisture from the nose and mouth and is ideal for walking, skiing or just playing outside in the chillier months. It does not filter the air. Available in adult and child sizes.Perfect for sporty types, the Honeycomb Sports Mask has an activated carbon filter to filter out smog, diesel fumes, VOCs, fragrances and household chemicals. Available in black, beige or black lace, the mask contains exhalation valves to expel air very quickly. This mask is very popular with city cyclists and runners seeking to protect themselves from pollution.

Great for short term use – disposable masks

Our disposable facial masks are designed for up to eight hours of use and are ideal for keeping on hand for those occasions where you can’t avoid exposure to allergens and impurities. The level of protection is determined by the FFP rating. The rating is: FFP2 is 92% and FFP3 is 98% efficient. This is based on the total inward leakage of air around the edges of the mask. Keep in a sealed bag when not in use.

The Vapour Mask comes in a pack of 2 and uses a combination of electrostatic and charcoal filtration to reduce your exposure to vapours, odours and airborne particles.

The standard Pharmaceutical Mask also comes in a 2 pack and is ideal for use when dusting, cleaning or sorting out books. Using electrostatic material, it protects you from a range of airborne allergens.

The High Efficiency Pharmaceutical Mask has a higher FFP rating than the standard version and is ideal for a higher level of protection against a range of airborne allergens, viruses and bacteria.

Great for daily wear around the home

These washable masks have been designed with your comfort in mind. The Silk Comfort Mask filters away nuisance level non-toxic particles to help you breathe more easily. Made of natural silk. Adjustable latex-free polyester elastic ear loops give a comfortable fit.

“The mask is all that I could wish for, i.e. comfortable and effective.” 

With the same design as the silk mask, the Organic Cotton Comfort Mask is a good choice for those who prefer to use organic materials close to their face. The fabric is free from dyes and bleaches and the adjustable cotton twill ear loops hold the mask comfortably in place. This mask can even be worn damp for humidification in a dry atmosphere!

Great for Chemical Sensitivity

Available in black, beige or black lace, the Honeycomb Mask with Activated Coconut Carbon Filter is a very popular choice with our chemically sensitive customers.

Using the filtration qualities of activated carbon, this mask helps to shield your airways from fragrances, smoke, pollution, diesel fumes, dust, mould, pollen and other particles.

A porous, lightweight, washable shell holds and seals a disposable carbon filter. The black outside material consists of military-grade steam activated coconut carbon. Two layers of particle filtration are made from plant or wood-based cellulose.

Ideal for home use and out and about, this versatile breathing mask is particularly useful for travelling on planes and buses.

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