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Landmark mobile phone radiation study re-ignites cancer debate

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A recent study from the US National Toxicology Program appears to corroborate the World Health Organisation’s suggestion that radio-frequency mobile phone radiation might cause cancer.

The $25 million study, conducted over 2 and a half years, examined rats exposed to the type of radio-frequency (RF) radiation that is emitted by mobile phones.

The rats were exposed to the radiation for around 9 hours per day, 7 days per week. Compared to the control group, rats exposed to RF radiation were found to be more likely to develop gliomas (a type of brain tumour) and schwannoma of the heart (a rare heart tumour). The rats were exposed to 3 different intensities of RF radiation in the experiment, and according to a source, the study showed a “significant dose-response relationship”1. Only male rats appeared to have an increased incidence of cancer.

Interestingly, the same cells which turned cancerous in the rats (glial cells and Schwann cells) have been previously linked to studies investigating mobile phone usage and cancer rates, such as the Interphone project.

Given the amount of the population that use RF-emitting devices on a very regular basis, and have done since birth, this suggestion of a connection between radiation exposure and malignant tumours is very concerning.

Some critics have, however, warned that the study is not without its flaws, and by no means establishes a causative link.

Sources have claimed that the study was not sufficiently peer-reviewed2. Mice were studied too, and exposed to even higher frequencies than the rats, yet the findings from the mice have yet to be released.

You can read the study report here. Regardless of whether the methodology of the study could be improved, we think that it’s prudent to exercise caution in mobile phone usage, especially given the mounting evidence which appears to back up claims it could be linked to health risks. 

If mobile phone radiation concerns you, then there are a number of ways you could help to protect yourself, from shielding cases to harmonising foils. You can also measure how much radio-frequency EMF radiation is present in your vicinity by renting an electrosmog detector.

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Disclaimer: Information in this blog is for information purposes only and is not a replacement for a consultation with a qualified medical professional. 

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