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Mould Spores

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Mould Spores in your home? We can help!

As we head into Autumn, allergies you may have forgotten about can come back to irritate you and cause discomfort. It is now getting noticeably colder, so we will all be closing our windows to keep the heat in and the cold out! As a result, this can cause a rise in indoor airborne allergens including mould spores. Therefore, it is important that the air inside your home is as clean as possible. Get the mould spores out of your home today!

The cold, windy and damp weather may cause unexpected leaks and damp within your home. This can create mould spores and encourage them to grow, which in turn lead to a flare up in allergy symptoms.  Not ideal! If you suspect that there is a leak, it is important to locate this, and rectify at source before purchasing a device that should keep mould spores in check.

It may surprise you to learn that drying clothes indoors next to a strong heat source and ironing can also stimulate spore production.   

We have a range of air purifiers and dehumidifiers to ensure the air you’re breathing in around your home helps to relieve your allergies.

What is mould spore allergy? 

An easy way to understand mould spores is that they operate in a very similar way to seeds of a plant. The mould spores are spread out by the air and water, or can attach to clothes, materials or the fur on your pet!  As a result of this the mould spores can become widespread under the correct conditions. However, if the mould spores aren’t in an environment that promotes growth, then they will remain dormant until the environment they are in eventually changes, like dampness occurring.

Mould spore allergy is when your immune system overreacts to breathing in mould. It is often linked to people with asthma as it can causes restriction to peoples breathing. It is caused as when you breath in small airborne allergies that are foreign to your body, your body in turn then creates allergy causing anti-bodies to help fight against these unknown invaders. Moulds can be found indoors and outdoors.


Mould Spore allergies can be relatable with cold like symptoms such as, sneezing, stuffy or runny nose, itchy eyes, nose and throat or dry skin causing a lot of discomfort and irritation. That is why it is key to find the right solution for you. You may feel your allergies increasing when it comes to Christmas because real trees often bring in spores, which are released when they begin to dry out..

Asthma symptoms may be triggered when mould spores are around you and that’s where our dehumidifiers can help.  They remove the excess moisture that is in the air, helping to disable any mould growth in your home. This also helps to control humidity and as a result ensures that the atmosphere is not conducive for dust mites to prosper and reproduce. It is not a treatment for dust mite allergy but it is an important part of overall house dust mite control measures.

Where can you find mould spores? 

Mould Spores grow in places with a lot of moisture and warmth. It can be caused by something as simple as turning the heating up. Mould grows increasingly better on paper materials such as cardboard, ceiling tiles and other wood products. But, it doesn’t just stop there, it can also grow on wallpaper, carpets and fabrics and upholstery. Ultimately, mould can be found in common places! Mould thrives around leaks in roofs, windows or wherever there has been a flood. In addition to on bread, black spots in the bathroom or on the side of houses. Tackle mould spores in your home immediately with our tips on how to get rid of them, and the products we have that can help you.

How can you get rid of it?

You can help to decrease your exposure to mould spores by ensuring you keep an eye on the humidity levels within your home. As soon as something like a leak in your windows or roof happens fixing it immediately will help. Ensuring the space around you is clean especially after a flood. Make sure you have a proper ventilated space round your shower, washing machine, and areas that you cook. 

Products we have that can help you!

We have a range of products that can help mould ever being an issue. Or other ways to help fix existing mould spores in your home.  


Our dehumidifiers can extract between 18- 21 litres of moisture in your home or office space. Removing this moisture with help to remove any possibility of mould and damp as well as keeping the air clean. We have a range of dehumidifiers that can reach the full capacity of your home.  

Our Meaco 20L Platinum Economical Dehumidifier, removes up to 20 litres of moisture per day. Also including an optional HEPA filter. This platinum range of dehumidifiers have been proven to combat mould, condensation, and damp in an energy efficient way.

Air Purifiers

Our Air Purifiers will either incinerate or filter out the bacteria, mould, pet dander, ozone, pollen, allergens & particles for cleaner air at home. All of our air purifiers will help to clear the air of any nasty allergens.  The majority of the Airfree Air Purifier range has an anti -stress light which enhances the ambience of your room and encourages tranquility.

We also have some mould allergy sprays that will help to alleviate any mould spores that are present in your home. These sprays help to denature mould in the air and that has settled on fabrics, upholstery and in the washing! These products are easy to use within your normal cleaning routine and we are sure you’ll be amazed with the results!

These sprays are completely safe and have no insecticides. 

Want to investigate further? New test kits available!

We also have new mould kits that will become available. In our next blog you will see a report from one of our Healthy House members, trialling out the new test kits. 

These test kits help to test the conduction of air circulating the room. 

To do this test all you need to do is simply:

  • Select a suitable position for the settle plate, making sure it is elevated i.e. a table or cabinet. 
  • Leave the plate for up to 1 hour.
  • Place the plate in a dark area with no sunlight and at room temperature.
  • Store the test kit for up to 7 days.
  • At days 3 & 5 evaluate the kit noting the number of distinct mould colonies that have grown on the evaluation sheet provided. 

There will be more detailed instructions upon purchasing your test kit. But it is a simple and effective way to test the air around your home for any mould spores.  

You can also read up more on Mould Spore Allergy here

Thats all from us this week but be sure to keep yourself updated on our social media accounts!

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