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New study links hypothyroidism to fluoride in water

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Hypothyroidism is the medical term for an underactive thyroid. This condition has symptoms such as weight gain and depression, and affects 15 in every 1,000 women and 1 in 1,000 men in the UK[1]. The scientists concluded that the study “raise(s) particular concerns about the validity of community fluoridation as a safe public health measure”[2].

About 10% of us here in the UK have a naturally or artificially fluoridated water supply, with fluoride levels of around 1mg/l in our drinking water.  Artificial fluoride is added to water supplies where the naturally occurring levels are low, to reduce incidences of tooth decay.

The study found that high rates of hypothyroidism were at least 30% more likely in GP surgeries in areas with fluoride levels above 0.3mg per litre of drinking water. Furthermore, practices in the West Midlands (a fluoridated area) were almost twice as likely to report high numbers of patients with the condition as those in Greater Manchester (a non-fluoridated area).

Other factors such as age and gender were also taken into account – both of which are correlated with risk of hypothyroidism. The researchers were unable to measure sources of fluoride ingested by the patients other than drinking water, such as some varieties of toothpaste and dietary products. However, the study only measured confirmed cases of hypothyroidism, so undiagnosed cases were not factored into the results.

The scientists concluded that fluoride exposure “should be considered as a contributing factor” to hypothyroidism in addition to other factors, for example iodine deficiency.

What can you do if your water supply is fluoridated?

As people drink varying amounts of water, it is impossible to control the dosage of fluoride each person receives, and therefore difficult to determine any long-term potential health effects.

A great way to gain protection against any potential long-term effects of ingesting unwanted chemicals through your drinking water is through a filtration system.

We offer a variety of water filters that remove fluoride from your drinking water. The filtration systems below all remove flouride as standard (if you select the fluoride filter option), with some removing more additional impurities than others. View a chart to see exactly what each filter removes.


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