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Off on holiday? Don’t take your allergies with you!

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At home we are in control of our environments, so we can make our immediate surroundings as allergy-friendly as possible. However, on holiday, we are not so in control of this. Therefore, it’s important to think ahead of how you will manage your allergies away from home, particularly if your allergies are very severe.

Tips to help you stay allergy-free:

  • Bedding in hotels can often provoke reactions in sensitive people, including those with dust mite or feather allergy. If you’re a sufferer, be sure to plan ahead and pack your own suitable bedding. Some people like to bring their own pillows on holiday – we offer some handy washable versions. Consider barrier covers as a more lightweight option.
  • Some hotel rooms allow visitors to bring pets. If you suffer from pet allergy, this isn’t ideal! We advise calling ahead to ensure you book a pet-free room. It may be advisable to also bring along a bottle of AirCleanse to ward off any of these allergens.
  • Humidity and warm temperatures can exacerbate allergy symptoms, particularly in those with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Make sure you use a gentle sun lotion free from potential irritants, and pack appropriate clothing. Wet wraps may be appropriate in the case of severe eczema.
  • Hotel room toiletries can be heavily-perfumed and may contain irritants for those with sensitive skin. Added to the heat, this can be an aggravating combination. Be one step ahead by packing unscented, calming toiletries that won’t further aggravate temperamental skin.
  • Stay protected on the go with an allergy spray. Our Travel Allergy Pack consists of 3 natural 100ml sprays to keep insects at bay and denature allergens on furniture and in the air. This is part of our wider selection of specialist allergy sprays. If you have a severe insect allergy, never forget to bring your auto-injector and consult your doctor before travelling for comprehensive advice.
  • If you suffer from MCS, a portable wearable air purifier can be helpful. Ideal for when travelling on the plane or shopping, it delivers ion rich air to your mouth and nose helping to eradicate allergens, viruses and bacteria and strong smells such as perfume that may bring on symptoms.
  • A portable shower filter or bath dechlorinator may be a wise choice for those with skin conditions and chemical sensitivities, as they remove most of the chlorine from the water.
  • If you are hiring a car whilst away, the XR-100 car air purifier removes dust, pollen, moulds and VOCs including cigarette smoke, in-car upholstery smells and exhaust. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the hire car, this may protect you and your family from airborne allergens and irritants.
  • If you suffer from electrical sensitivity, it may be advisable to bring protective products with you. We offer a wide range, including the Green8 Transformer for cars, which is designed to neutralise electromagnetic emissions from GPS, navigational systems and Bluetooth.

Disclaimer Information included in this blog is intended for information purposes only and is not to be used as a substitute for consultation with a medical practitioner.

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