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Oilseed Rape Allergy – Revelation and Solution

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Oilseed Rape – Did you know that it’s not the pollen that causes the problem?

Mr and Mrs W, who are customers of ours, contacted us last week because Mrs W was reacting to the fields of oilseed rape that are now in full bloom around their home. Due to their allergies, they have several standard air purifiers removing particles and pollen from the air. However Mrs W’s symptoms to oilseed rape persisted. After some research they were able to find out why!

VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

Their research found the following:x

  • Oilseed rape flowers are insect pollinated so only a small amount of pollen is airborne. The pollen has evolved to adhere to insects rather than become airborne
  • Oilseed rape produces VOCs that do become airborne. The reason the plant produces these VOCs is to stop herbivores from eating them. 
  • VOCs can cause irritation of the upper respiratory system with a range of symptoms from eye irritation, coughs and even bronchial conditions. These symptoms are almost identical to those of hay fever. 

Mrs W not only has hay fever but she also suffers from chemical sensitivity.

What happened next?

After a discussion on the phone and a visit to The Heathy House, Mr and Mrs W purchased a Radic8 250. 

Within the week we spoke with Mr W and his comments were: “(the Radic8 250) is working out very well and we are just deciding whether to buy another unit.”  

How the Radic8 Air Sterilisers work

The Radic8 eliminates airborne bacteria, mould, fungi, viruses and dust mite allergens, odours and harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The Radic8 technology turns these pollutants into harmless water and carbon dioxide leaving clean fresh air.

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