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Harmony in a wireless world

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Janet Brice rents a meter from The Healthy House to measure the levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in her home and reveals some alarming hotspots

Living in a completely wireless world is the future – whether we like it or not.

But have you ever stopped to think about the invisible plague of electro-smog which has started to engulf almost every room in your house or place of work?

Did you know that today we live in a society estimated to contain 10 billion times more radio-frequency radiation than it did just 50 years ago? Scientists are now concerned about the effect this is having on our health.

Prevention is better than cure, so it was with some trepidation I hired a handy meter (A-COMED Electrosmog Detector) to measure the electromagnetic radiation EMR in my house (which also doubles up as an office).

How bad could it be? As a family we have the usual domestic appliances from a microwave to games console and in the office a WiFi router and wireless printer.

But the heart-stopping buzz from the meter, which detected a hotspot at the end of my seven-year-old son’s bed, was the wake-up call we needed to immediately move the WiFi router positioned on a shelf in the room BELOW.

Hearing is believing

Within five minutes of scouring the house we had:

  • Turned off the games console which was not even in use

  • Switched off the two DECT phones which never ring but were emitting a high radio frequency

  • Requested the neighbour moved his WiFi router as the fields were detected along the play-room wall

  • Switched the idle iPads to Airplane Mode

  • Removed all tablets from bedside tables (and under pillows)

  • Vowed to turn off the WiFi router each night

  • The realisation we suffered headaches after working in the office

But what else can we do to  protect ourselves from the tidal wave of electrosmog we are expecting our bodies to cope with in the future?

The first step is to limit our exposure to radiation with a range of products that block the fields.

You can start by creating a non-wireless internet by installing a Devolo dLAN. This creates a network connection throughout the electrical wiring in your home, rather than using wireless technology.

And for the ubiquitous mobile phone units we can invest in a shield and pair of low radiation earphones which helps to reduce exposure.

The best products to protect you from your mobile radiation fields include; a Blocsock Mobile Phone Shield, WaveWall Anti-Radiation Phone Case, WaveWall Flip Anti-Radiation iPhone Case plus WaveWall & SmartDOT Harmoniser Set.

Daylite Shielding Material is also available and contains a small amount of silver-plated copper wire which reflects away EMR. The sheer white fabric is perfect as a curtain lining, bed canopy and can even be worn as a piece of clothing!

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 What else can you do ?

More people are turning to harmonising products to re-balance the flow of energy in the home, office and car.

Harmonising products act like a “tuning fork” re-training EMF frequencies into a more tolerable frequency for humans which remind the body of its natural healthy state.

The products range from wristbands and pendants to adhesive foils which can be attached to your mobile phone or other electronic equipment. Save 10% on selected products until July 13.

Harmonisers help to neutralise EMF radiation into a more tolerable frequency and many users have reported an ease in symptoms and increase in energy.

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Following my wake-up call to the fact we’re surrounded with electro-smog I armed myself with a stylish white phi bioBAND which uses a low power magnet to re-tune man-made EMFs to a more natural state.

I also stuck the FREE smartDOT on my iPhone as this is designed to strengthen my biofield and “recharge your batteries” .

Although it’s early days I am experiencing clarity of thought today and the best night’s sleep I have experienced  for a long time.

The feel-good factor I am experiencing may be invisible to family and friends – but so was the cause of my headaches!


Disclaimer; This information contained in this article is not a replacement for a consultation with a qualified medical professional.



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