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Interview with Serena Macbeth of SerSu Products

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SerSu Essences were developed and created by registered homeopath Serena Macbeth and naturopathic doctor Susan Wolff in 2007. Together they created natural solutions to some of the growing physical challenges in everyday lives, specifically targeting the physical stresses that many people experience from electronic devices, chemicals, and both man-made and natural airborne substances. Using their joint knowledge, they also found solutions to some of the emotional stresses experienced in most people’s everyday lives and created the corresponding supportive remedies.

Serena has kindly answered some of our questions regarding the SerSu products, which we hope will help others to understand more about how the remedies are made and their potential benefits for users. 

What was your inspiration for starting SerSu?
Sersu came about because of the increasing number of clients with symptoms that were stress-linked. We realised from our joint knowledge and experience that electromagnetic frequencies (electro-smog) seemed to be a serious problem for these clients. So this was the essence we worked on first.

The second recipe was created for supporting those who are affected by airborne irritants, such as chemicals and other natural irritants that cause allergic reactions and other difficulties. Serene Support was what we called them and from that SerSu was born.

Are you a homeopath or naturopathic doctor?
I am a registered homeopath who has also studied a wide range of flower essences.

What are the benefits of moonlight holly essence and oak essence and why were these plants chosen? 
When we researched the ingredients for our essences we specifically searched for local specimens that were growing well in difficult situations.These two fitted the profile extremely well and are perfect for what we wanted them to accomplish in the remedies.

According to Madeleine Evans’ books about the Meditative Provings, holly is helpful for “Allergies: runny, itchy, watery eyes and nose. Colds.Hay fever.Dry sore throats. …Sinuses where there are sharp burning pains”. The specific holly tree chosen for Pollution Protection thrived beside a busy main road in West London. It was clearly healthy and its leaves were glossy and green, despite the surrounding exhaust fumes.

Once we had SerSu Electro-Smog Protection, Pollution Protection and Therapist Support sprays in production, we created Personal Strength because of a request by “New Vistas” a company based in Ireland. They wanted us to create an essence for those people who were suffering because their loved ones had been badly affected by the 2008 financial crash. Oak was chosen because it is known for strength, endurance and grounding, all vital qualities at times when we need to stay strong. Our essence came from a young oak in the heart of London, a world banking centre that is sensitive to financial upheavals.

Many of the SerSu essences are made by moonlight, when everything is quiet and calm.

How does SerSu Electrosmog Spray stimulate the body to cope with the unbalancing effects of EMFs and return the body to a natural state?
There’s an enormous amount of research in homeopathy and flower essences that shows they can and do rebalance the body in very specific ways. Rather than aim to kill pathogens or change the way some part of the body functions, the thought is that these gentle remedies send messages to the body to target negative influences and boost positive energies.TheSersu remedies are carefully thought out. Each element of the remedy brings a powerful part of its nature to strengthen the physical and emotional body, and help someone return to a state of dynamic equilibrium

What is the reason for applying the sprays to the wrist and neck? 
The wrist and neck are pulse points and energetically sensitive; they are also easily accessible and so are ideal places to spray.

What is radionically energised mineral water?
Sersuflower essences are made in Grander Water which is then mixed with top quality bottled spring water. Like some other special mineral waters, Grander Water goes through its own energising process to “vitalise” it. Some homeopaths use radionics machines to make energetic versions of remedies by copying energies to water. Energetic elements are added to the SerSu essences to fine tune them and boost their potential.

What sort of problems can the SerSu sprays help people with?
SerSu Electrosmog Protection is to help those who are affected by electromagnetic radiation. You may simply find life increasingly hard to tolerate in a busy city/town where mobiles, phone masts and WiFi are commonplace. If you have to spend time in an environment that has lots of electronic equipment, such as hospitals, airports, large offices or shopping complexes, Electrosmog Protection is worth trying.

SerSu Pollution Protection is for those sensitive to inhaled irritants.  If you react to chemicals such as vehicle exhausts, paint, photocopiers, new furniture, mattress covers or strong smelling new carpets, or natural substances like moulds, pollen or heavily perfumed flowers, then this may be the remedy for you.

SerSuTherapist Support was originally made for therapists as many of us find some consultations more debilitating than others. But there are also many unpaid therapists, lovely friendly people that colleagues and customers like to share their troubles with. Whether you are paid or unpaid, trained or not, if you find yourself feeling depleted by the experience, then Therapist Support may be the perfect pick-me-up to lift your spirits and restore your equilibrium.

SerSu Personal Strength is different in that it is designed to keep you strong when your loved ones are depending on you for emotional support, to allow you to assist them without absorbing their pain. People have reported that it can also help you to keep your nerve when negotiations get tough (with a bank manager, a work colleague or a relative), and you need strength and clarity to marshal your arguments.

What feedback do you have to show the sprays work for people?
Sersu has been 

operating for 9 years during which time a growing number of therapists recommend the sprays to their clients and those clients repeatedly buy the products once they know of them.

SerSu is always keen to get more feedback from clients since double blind tests are too expensive to run. On one occasion, in controlled conditions, Electrosmog Protection was tested on a client who suffered from extreme sensitivity to mobile phones. She picked up a mobile and made a quick call and the MSAS Professional machine (which measures stress in the meridians) registered that all her readings collapsed within seconds.Then the phone was switched off and she was tested repeatedly for the next hour, but none of the readings recovered. She then had a spray of our Electrosmog Protection and within 20 secs her readings returned to the original healthy level.

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Feefo feedback on the SerSu products

“Working as a therapist I would not be without SerSu Therapist Support especially today as so many people come in with a lot of emotional baggage as well as any physical problems – this essence give protection to one’s aura and balance.” Customer feedback

After using SerSu Pollution Protection twice I believe it has helped greatly. I used it first on the day of spraying. Then I stayed at home – with no bad effect from the weed killer at all. Yesterday when they sprayed – I again ‘took the risk’ of staying at home. I’m fine today and can only conclude that it is the Pollution Protection that has helped. It’s nothing short of miraculous!”





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