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Sophie’s experience of using the A-COMED Electrosmog Detector

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What is electrical sensitivity?

Modern homes are full of appliances that give off electrical fields. Take a look around your home and you’ll probably have Wi-Fi, a microwave, an iPad, a DECT phone and lighting. All of these give off constantly-vibrating fields, which some refer to as ‘electrosmog’.

Electrical sensitivity occurs in people who react to electrosmog. It may cause symptoms such as lethargy, headaches, depression and even skin conditions, with varying degrees of severity.

Having suffered with headaches for years, I took the opportunity to borrow the A-COMED Electrosmog Detector. This handheld, battery-operated machine makes a variety of sounds when it picks up different electromagnetic fields. By using it at home, I hoped to find the source of the ‘electrosmog’ that could be the cause of my headaches.

Eye-opening results

The machine is very easy to use, with an on-off switch and a volume control being the only things you need to touch. The background ‘hiss’ is the default sound, which means that no signals at RF and microwave frequencies have been picked up. Walking around your home with the A-COMED will help you determine where the different fields are, and what type of radiation is being emitted. Cleverly, the machine changes its sound according to the kind of radiation it detects. Click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page to hear the different sounds to listen for.

I was alarmed to find that a great deal of the radiation was being picked up in my bedroom. Both my mobile phone charger and alarm clock gave off a strong signal. The detector also picked up radiation coming from our neighbours’ Wi-Fi system.

By finding out the radiation sources, I was able to make simple changes to the layout of my bedroom. I moved my alarm clock and phone charger to the other side of the room, so the radiation would be far enough away from my head. In an ideal world, it would be advisable to remove completely all such equipment from your bedroom at night, however I am currently rather reliant on my alarm.

Ever since making this simple change, I have noticed a real improvement in my sleep at night. Coincidence? It could be, but after hearing the sounds that the A-COMED made, I don’t want to take any chances on my health by exposing myself to radiation while I sleep.

The A-COMED Electrosmog Detector is available to hire for £15 for one week.

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