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Spring Cleaning without Irritants

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Do without the irritations caused by cleaning products. Use natural and organic products

So often customers tell us they have a problem with the usual supermarket cleaning products, which are heavily perfumed and contain harsh chemical ingredients. With the range of natural and organic products now available, there is no need to suffer.

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Spring Cleaning the Natural Way

As soon as a dry, sunny day comes, I want to throw open the windows and start clearing the house of winter’s accumulations of dust, spiders’ webs etc. and freshen everywhere up in preparation for the spring.

But I don’t turn to the usual cleaning products available in the supermarkets, because I know what an array of pollutants they can introduce into the home. Being chemically sensitive we have always had to be careful about the products we use to clean the home, wash the clothes and wash ourselves. Now there is such a wide choice of lovely products to choose from we don’t have to compromise in any way.

With the wide choice that we have on offer, I use a variety of products from the different ranges.

I love the Alma Win products because they are not only natural but certified organic by Eco Garantie. They are not fragrance free but have essential oils to give them a fresh and pleasant smell. There are other really great and effective products that may not be quite as pure (not certified organic) but contain none of the nasty chemicals usually found in cleaning products, and they do an excellent job. You’d be surprised at just how many specialist products are available. A lot of the products are extra concentrated so you only need to use a little, which means they last a lot longer!

If you think that cleaning the ecological and healthy way is a compromise, think again as there are now so many products available.

Recommended Essentials for Keeping the House Clean

For Allergy Cleaning

Though these are products that allergic people use on a weekly basis as part of their cleaning regime, they are also good for doing a thorough spring clean, getting rid of dust mites and other allergens and leaving the room allergen free.

  • AirCleanse – Spray into the air to neutralise allergenic particles
  • HomeCleanse – Spray on furniture and furnishings to denature allergens in the fabric
  • FabriCleanse – Use in the wash to kill dust mites and neutralise other allergens such as pollens, pet allergens and moulds. I also use this when washing the shower curtain as I find it helps remove mildew stains.

For Laundry

For Special Issues

This section has some quite unusual products in it – many that I might not otherwise have searched out but they are great. I do try to use the Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cleaner [https://www.healthy-house.co.uk/product/ecozone-washing-machine-and-dishwasher-cleaner] every few months to keep the pipes from furring up and get rid of built up detergent.

  • Stain Eraser by Ecozone – this is quite a magic bar – it looks like white foam rubber. I use it on the Aga to remove burnt on grease and it really works, leaving the surface shiny and clean. I’ve also used it to clean an oven door as I would not use the usual oven cleaner. This product shouldn’t be used on wooden surfaces.
  • Tap and Shower Descaler – this again was a great surprise to me. I’m not particularly rigorous about things like scale on the taps but this worked a treat, was easy to use and virtually odourless.
  • Coffee Machine Cleaner  – We don’t use a coffee machine but Ann, our office manager, has tried this product in their coffee machine and liked it saying it didn’t have that nasty effect on your throat that most similar cleaners do.
  • Kettle and Iron Descaler – haven’t used this yet but I hear it works well.
  • Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cleaner – descales and removes the build-up of detergents in washing machine and dishwasher.

More Unusual Products – Save 10%

  • Spider Ban – the spiders really don’t like the smell so they go off somewhere else! Contains horse chestnut oil and other essential oils.
  • Mouse Ban – Based on a similar principle to the Spider Ban, the Mouse Ban contains mint, which apparently send the mice off to somewhere else. Alternatively, you can grow mint around the doors to your house, which will deter the mice.
  • Fly Away – This is an insect repellent based on Neem oil. It deters the insects from entering the house or, if they are already there, encourages them to leave.

For Spring Painting – Now choose from 180 colours!

People often turn to painting in the spring, feeling like a change of colour scheme or just a freshen up. We use Ecos organic paints and varnishes for all our painting, varnishing, plaster sealing etc. The range is huge now, offering all most people could ever need in the way of specialist painting products.

Huge colour range now available
The colour range has increased from 120 to 180 colours colours, giving you a huge range to choose from. If you are still using conventional paints or low odour paints, give Ecos a try. Every time I use them I am grateful that they exist. Before finding Ecos most painting was out of the question for us.

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