Study shows exposure to pollution stunts babies’ growth

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The article explains recent findings from scientists conducting a six-year study into how air pollution affects young children living in East London.

The scientists found evidence that children born in highly polluted areas, such as Tower Hamlets and Hackney, have smaller heads and reduced lung function by 5% or more.

The damage is thought to begin in the womb, inflicted by toxic particles and gases emitted mainly by diesel vehicles.

This research is worrying and emphasises the importance of using an air purifier to remove chemicals in the home, particularly if you live in a polluted area. Air purifiers dramatically reduce the levels of allergens, bacteria, viruses, organic compounds, odours and VOCs in the air.

The findings demonstrate that the pollutants that we breathe in, although invisible, can have tangible effects on the human body.


To read more, please click here: http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/news/uk_news/Health/article1428146.ece (Please note you will need to subscribe to read the full article). 

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